About Dimitri Snowden!

Heartfelt musings, hilarious escapades, embarrassing confessions, delightful interludes, painful snippets, plenty of parodies – all of this is part of that very peculiar condition called “being me”, but I know what your thinking… cut the jazz and get to the heart of the matter.

So here’s the long and short of it :

– I LOVE my spaces and places – Raised in “all over”, and being the only boy child wanted to find “my space and place” in the world – little did I know that I would find many. I entered a very fascinating space called Entrepreneurship in Indianapolis and for the past few years running around trying to realize the process that will coalesce my different spaces into one -for no one space or place can simply define me.

– I CAN still remember (faithfully live by) what mi padre once told me : You have enough time to sleep when you are dead – so live up every moment to the fullest ! I have always invested in the experience bank and have ended up living in places like AZ, MA, MI, NY, NH and IN, there is only income and growth in this investment.

– I AM a water drinking person anytime, anywhere… especially on a hot sweltering evening, sharing more than a drink in an outdoor cafe with good conversation, animated discussions or just plain people watching.

– I HAVE all through the years, treasured my most prized possession – my library of memories… random vivid documentaries of time spent with my family and friends – memories of moments like such are priceless (for everything else there’s Mastercard of course!)

– I WILL on a good day like this, have an overwhelming inclination to walk, not just here but urban adventures – discovering, exploring and absorbing… not just architecture, but people, attitudes, colors, clothes and tea.

– I DO resist following recipes, to do lists, routine … but love instead, to experiment, especially with the art that’s cooking and the ongoing carnival that’s life.

– I BELIEVE relationships are creative. They should create opportunities not obligations. Opportunities for growth and self expression in the smooth and the rocky times alike.

Sometimes we have to wonder:  whats stranger the events that happen to us, or our interaction with the event?

Eunoia, a beautiful mind.


One thought on “About Dimitri Snowden!

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