bill o’reilly tells black guest he looks like a drug dealer

Marc Lamont Hill is the black Liberal Columbia professor who for some reason is always on The O’Reilly Factor. This episode made Hill’s presence even more puzzling, because Bill O’Reilly told him that he looks like someone who sells drugs.

The two were happily discussing Obama‘s dumb plan to send 1200 troops who will secure the entire Mexican border against illegal immigrants. Then O’Reilly joked: “Say you’re a cocaine dealer—and you kind of look like one a little bit.” To which Hill replied, gamely: “As do you… you know, you actually look like a cocaine user.”

Dang, O’Reilly, having black commentators is supposed to make you look less racist. Unless O’Reilly was talking about Hill’s spiffy pinstripe suit. Like, how could you afford such a nice suitunless you were selling drugs? That’s probably it.


One thought on “bill o’reilly tells black guest he looks like a drug dealer

  1. “Joked” and “gamely” are exactly right — as someone who’s watched the show almost since it started (among other’s leaning to the left, right and supposed center) I can assure you can that comment had nothing to do with his race – he “jazzes” with all regular, long-time guests that he has a good relationship with, such as Mr Hill, who as you can see is perfectly capable of defending himself. O’Reilly doesn’t need to look “less racist”, his record stands on it’s own for being critical of all behaviors or policies of which he disagrees, regardless of source. The fact that he can joke like this with a black guest guest leaves Bill in a better position that most today where the “new racism” of political correctness leaves us unable to have any constructive conversation that may be critical of any paricular group.

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