I placed my 4 moon old daughter in her green boppie so she can watch Mickey Mouse in Spanishas he  asks questions and gives you the uncomfortable stare until you answer…

After I set her down in her chair, I went to my iMac and began my daily ritual of research and reading when I was interrupted by the dreaded “thud”.

Yes, my daughter fell off the couch!   I immediately ran over to the couch and saw her on the floor looking up at me with tear filled eyes while that breathless cry began to yelp out from her tiny lungs.

My first responder training moved me to check her head, neck, spine and limbs.  After a few yelps and sniffles, she was smiling again and ready for more Mickey Mouse.

I immediately began kicking myself in the ass and had the following thoughts:

– As detailed and attentive as I am, how could I let this happen?!

– I underestimated my daughter’s physical ability.  this little girl can sit herself up and hold herself in the pike position – all at 4 months.

– I didn’t build an environment that would keep her safe.  I should have put the ottoman in front of the couch.

– I was careful not to project my feelings of fear unto her.  fear is taught and so I didn’t want to make her fearful based on my fear.

Needless to say, this will not happen again however, this was an eye opener to “new” parenthood and just how fast babies grow.  After all, this same morning she learned to roll herself over!


7 thoughts on “thud…

  1. Welcome to Parenthood and believe me I have the Hat and T-shirt too. Yes it probably scared her more than anything, just image flipping over for the first time in your life lol (I know it isn’t funny if she was hurt). Everything just goes ups side down and then a force that she wasn’t expecting…yeah, that was pretty scary especially for you! ❤

  2. Keep the Boppy on the floor, Daddy. Hehe! I always spread out my son’s favorite and softest blanket on the floor and let him hang out there while I read or used my laptop. 🙂

  3. When my son was about six months old, I tripped while carrying him upstairs and nearly flattened him. Thought I was the worst dad in the world.

  4. This my son is just the beginning. You aare the child that crawled from his bed onto teh dresser, pulled out each drawer until you were on teh fllor and crawled into the room. You always would follow your dad around and he would carry you when he changed placed that he was working, in the house. Thud…more like heart failure. This my son is just the beginning… Lol tag your it… Now it’s your turn… Mommi

    • Part of the ‘parent contract’ we carry within us is our innate drive to want to save, remove, shelter, our children from sickness, pain, suffering of any kind…we can’t shelter from experiences within life and must also understand that these experiences are learning opportunities that create a foundation and also provide for wings…but, not only for our children, for us, too! Yes, you learned a hard lesson, but you also learned the potential of your child! You learned to see the world a bit differently this day and have gained a new perspective as you continue to lay the road forward…for your own growth, as well as her growth AND well-being, papi!! I’m glad she wasn’t hurt! I’m sure it hurt you more than it did lil’ one!

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