no thanksgiving…

Chief Sitting Bull

In rewriting its own history about Thanksgiving, white America tells a Disney-like fairy tale story about the English pilgrims and their struggle to survive in a new and harsh environment. The pilgrims found help from the friendly Native American tribe, the Wampanoag Indians, in 1621.

But unfortunately for Native Americans the thankfulness of European settlers was very short-lived. By 1637, Massachusetts governor John Winthrop ordered the massacre of thousands of Pequot Indian men, women and children. This event marked the start of the Native American genocide which would take a bit more than 200 years to complete, and of course to achieve its ultimate goal, which was to take the land from Native Americans and systematically plunder their resources.

The genocide, started in 1637, marks the beginning of the conquest of the entire continent until Native Americans were either exterminated for most, assimilated into white society for very few, or put in reservations to dwindle and die.

Besides, I don’t need one day to “remind” me that I need to “give” thanks…


9 thoughts on “no thanksgiving…

  1. Our history in how we’ve treated the Native Americans is definitely something we should not be proud of, but this sure is a different take on Thanksgiving. Anyway, I’m thankful that you linked to my post.

  2. You are absolutely right! We don’t need ‘A’ day to give thanks…but no one gives us ‘A’ day to give thanks, WE, give thanks for ALL our blessings everyday! (at least we should!)

    As usual, we never get the real meaning of some traditions and the true reasons we have special days to commemorate significant time in history!

    In Belize we didn’t call it Thanksgiving, but we would take our horns of plenty or basket bowls filled with fruit and food to the church and give and share with the less fortunate. And we called it Harvest!

    And compared to a lot of other countries…..this country has LOTS to give and to give thanks for no matter the heritage or mixture of people dat’s here now!!!!!


  3. Excellent post. Have you ever seen “Dakota 38?” I’ve provided a link to the full movie. It is a little over an hour long, but helps put a decent chunk of American history into perspective ~ relative to the relationship between the Native Americans/ Candian Nationals and the Immigrants who stole their land, took their homes and food away, imprisoned them upon tiny strips of land, left them to starve and brutally murdered their leaders. Here’s a link ~

      • If you remember, let me know how you felt after watching it. I read some of your posts and see that you are a decendent of the Blackfoot. I am half Cherokee. Somehow, this ancestry gets inside of us. I cannot explain it, but I feel things strongly about my ancestors. This movie, Dakota 38 got to me. Many Blessings. I will follow you. ~G

        • wow!!!!!! just finished! the amont of emotional energy expressed in that docu was amazing. ti definitely reignites an unsettled flame within. it also begets the plight of sadness – especially the younger dakotians that killed themselves in the end.

          WOW, and thanks again for the excellent insight!

        • I’m really happy to share it. What I took from it is that the riders made an intentional choice, as admittedly imperfect men, to rise above the frey and take responsibility for their own healing via “forgiving the misdeeds of the past.” In that alone, there is a wonderful message that very much influences the raising of awareness of any who are open. Glad you were positively affected. Will keep your posts on my radar. Many Blessings. ~G

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