relationships flow…

Relationship is a thing: you cling to it. Relating is a flow, a movement, a process. You meet a person, you are loving, because you have so much love to give — and the more you give, the more you have.  If everyone is giving, no one will want.

Once you have understood this strange arithmetic of love: that the more you give, the more you have, you’ll notice that it contends the economic laws that operate in the “outside world”.

The river passes by the side of a tree, saying hello, nourishing the tree, giving water to the tree… and it moves on, dances on. It does not cling to the tree. And the tree does not say, “Where are you going? We are married! And before you can leave me you will need a divorce, at least a separation! Where are you going? And if you were to leave me, why had you danced so beautifully around me? Why in the first place did you nourish me?” No, the tree showers its flowers onto the river in deep gratefulness, and the river moves on. The wind comes and dances around the tree and moves on. And the tree gives its fragrance to the wind. –Osh


One thought on “relationships flow…

  1. Beautifully stated. Societal boundaries and expectations tied to ego condition us to quantify things — we look for false securities and get lost in the will to hold on. Sadly, as all life form is perpetually changing, what we’re holding on to will never be again in that exact state. If we look at the beauty in change, then we continue to redefine the magic of love and relating. <— I talk a better game than I practice. Learning….lol

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