our 9/11

I thought I’d take a moment and remember OUR 9/11.  The 9/11 everyone forgets, the 9/11 that no one wants to acknowledge, the 9/11 everyone thinks is over because things are “fair” now, the 9/11 that some of you reading this are rolling your eyes at the fact “we” aren’t over it yet, the 9/11 that no flag will be lowered, no moment of silence will be taken and no news coverage will be given for ceremonies.

It’s an irony that “Americans” memorialize loses suffered from foreign attacks and events of war but will not memorialize their attacks on the people right here in America.  All of those lost names, lost souls, lost family members…  No memorial, no ceremonies, no songs – nothing.

It’s ok – *I* remember you…



2 thoughts on “our 9/11

  1. Wow… That is sad. I don’t know anything about this and I am an archivist. I need to educate myself. What happened? How can I learn more? I will remember them and I will take the time to learn and help other people learn and remember.

    • thank you for that felicia! the picture is of the 1920 duluth lynchings which occurred on june 15, 1920, when three black circus workers were attacked and lynched by a mob in duluth, minnesota. rumors had circulated among the mob that six african americans had raped a teenage girl. a physician’s examination subsequently found no evidence of rape or assault 😦

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