and on the 8th day we named her…

nenúfar kaban nova snowden

Nenúfar (nay-noo-far)

Spanish for lotus flower.  In the night-time the lotus closes its petals and sinks into the water.  It will slowly emerge from a pond over a three day period and then bloom in the morning until mid-afternoon.  Just as the lotus flower, our daughter to us represents beauty, fertility, prosperity, spirituality, and eternity.

Kaban (kah-bahn)

Means red earth or heartbeat of earth.  Very fitting for the Indian blood within her.  As well, our ancestors believed the earth breathes a vital spirit of sustenance and provision for all living and non-living creations.  They sought to live in resonance with the earth.  We as well believe if our hearts beat in harmony with the earth’s force, we can awaken the creative forces in their own souls.

Nova (noh-vah)

Means new star or from the Hopi Indian tribes, to chase butterflies.  Our physical bodies are made up of celestial bits and pieces and so we honor that in her name.  Our daughter simply is a new star.

To our daughter, Nenúfar Kaban Nova Snowden 9.2.12 @ 9:30p


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