baby cast

babi snowden castLast night I made a babi cast of my wife’s womb. I did this to preserve the sacred place from which our seed will be born in about 2 weeks. This sacred place is where spirit and the body meet and one of the few times a woman it closest to god and our elders.

I teared doing this, because I should have done it one other time before – but didn’t because I allowed my selfishness (ego) to exude control over my spiritual rite. I’m so grateful to be chosen by my child and given another chance.

Now at 31, I speak to my wife’s womb, to my child and to my elders while asking for their forgiveness as well as their guidance and insight.

May this cast be my first of many things I do to restore my spiritual imbalance and honor elders.

I thank my wife, I love my wife.

papa snowden


2 thoughts on “baby cast

  1. Wow! And there I was fussing; not allowing you the time to release. Your post and your sentiments are beautiful my love. I am so grateful to be chosen as your wife, and that babi chose you and I as parents. Our little prince/princess will be here very soon! Thank you to the Creator, the Ancestors, and babi for deeming us fit to be build a family!

    I love you Papa Snowden!

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