bitch bad. woman good. lady better.

bitch bad - lupe fiascoThe second official single from Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1, Bitch Bad tackles the use of the notorious word, “bitch”, and its effects, especially on children. As Lu seemingly cosigns, it actually accurately depicts Sigmund Freud’s Madonna–whore complex.

He sparks a conversation with the powerful video for “Bitch Bad,”  by contemplating the long-term psychological effects of the word “bitch,” by weaving together a narrative of a young boy and girl who are both exposed to the degrading language.

“Whether right or wrong, some things need to be said in order to start a conversation … that’s all I try to do with my music,” Lupe Fiasco says in a MTV interview.

He dedicates the Gil Green-directed clip to Paul Robeson and the “many black actors who endured the humiliating process of blackface in America.”

Notice that the title itself is a play on words, as the phrase is usually “bad bitch”. Also note that the track, sounds the way many Hip-Hop songs that use the word “bitch” — mainly trap music — do, and that Lupe changes his flow to sound slightly simplistic and mainstream like many of these rappers. He’s dubbed it his Rod Serling Twilight Zone Flow, since “sometimes you just gotta talk to em.”


One thought on “bitch bad. woman good. lady better.

  1. Absolutely love this song, and thanks for revealing some of the intricacies that many overlook when listening to any form of music, despite music’s ability to take subconsciously transform one’s mind. This song did an amazing job with that! 🙂

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