sex and the soul

Sex at the technological level is the connecting of the two brains through the sex organs– through the tail bone, up through the spine/ chakras and to the brain. The act of sex itself raises the Kundalini energy in the male and female.

The soul or primordial self at this point is “felt.” Since sex is also a language, and a way for Humans to communicate large quantities of information through smell and the pheromones, it is possible that by having sex with an attracted partner we are able to extract soul memory through them. Personally I think it has to do with our partners as well. Which is why I always tell people sex is best with our most desired and not just someone we want to get off with. I say this because any Man or Woman releases more energy when they are most desired by their mate. The more energy the partner has the better our changes to experience that transcendence that might result in a recall.  

The goal of sex for the Male usually is that he is seeking to find or get something, the goal of the female is usually to give something that was lost. A female’s physical container was built for memory storage, and the male’s built to extract memory. Basically, higher sex can put life back into perspective. We start to recall not just past life times, but the core elements about our being. Because we have been bathed in the energy of another soul which helps to shake up the illusions we have placed around us.

It’s not uncommon for a Woman’s soul to speak to her through the Man she is having sex with. Guess what, that “I love you” is not always coming from him. It is the soul and higher self reaching down through the male at times speaking to the conscious life form. “I love you” is a reminder that you are still protected and have not lost your ability to life forever in any way- something that we are always highly concerned about.

And at the times when “I love you” is coming from him, it is also coming from the soul, the great consciousness of the void, the non-being. Because “you” and your mate are one, there are no seams of distinction between you, it is only awareness that makes the distinction. And in that coming around point, the soul finds itself- it finds itself inside you.

thx wangechi


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