fear of failure

Fear of Failure … that recurring event that most frequently is far worse than the actual event you feared. For many, myself included, fear of failure has proven to be a crippling and suffocating force with anaconda-like strength … crushing our wills while making our heart pound, pulse race, and each breath turn shallow and ragged.

Fear of Failure finds its roots in several sources. The social aspect of it is that we care SO desperately what everyone around us thinks of us … whether they approve of us … that we devote our entire lives to this endless exercise in futility. Secondly, on the inner level … we have been trained by a lifetime of events to actually believe the worst of ourselves. When you combine a lack of belief in oneself with an obsessive need for other’s acceptance?? The results range from depression, to social disorders, to ruined homes and families, and even suicide.

One Fear illustration from Book of Fears

Sometimes it seems like there is no end in sight … that the future holds no hope … so why even exert the effort it would take to be successful, when you are only going to be slapped down again?

The answer that I have found is to unplug myself from those sources, and re-plug those energy conduits into Love … into God. I do this on a meditative level, and visualize this process accordingly. It takes conscious work to re-train your brain … and even more to re-train the reactive impulses that have come to seem completely natural to you.

For myself, overcoming this crippling condition began with inner work … creating a place inside of me that I enjoyed being … a place where I loved to be and could reside in quietude; away from my fears and simply at one with God. Over time this activity began to have physical manifestations. Suddenly you don’t care quite as much about whether somebody else will reject you, because you find SO much contentment in that beautiful inner world that you share with your Creator.

Once you arrive at that place, then you can begin the work of re-training your habits in how you live life, in your relationships, and ultimately in the things you fear most as well. You get to the point where you don’t even need to TRY to overcome those fears … because you simply won’t care about them any more. You will be happy with who you are, and what other’s think or say simply won’t matter any more … because those places will be being filled with fulfilling, unconditional LOVE from the ultimate source.

It’s a long journey and process … but just start with creating a conscious inner space where you give and receive Love … where you commune with God. If you can do that each and every day … eventually, God will lead you out of the suffocating maelstrom of failure, and the fear of failure.

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3 thoughts on “fear of failure

  1. Your post was so wonderful that I took the liberty of re-posting to my blog. Fear is the basis for so many evils in our lives that finding a way to deal with it becomes the key to truly enjoying our journey.

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