a woman’s energy

Recently, I have been reviewing the various theories on women’s energy systemsthat I have read over the years, from both spiritual and

energy medicine sources. I was making a list of the various properties attributed specifically to women’s energy bodies for myself, and realized some of you might be interested. Although I’ve touched on many of these themes before, I’ve never put it all together in one post.

I’m interested to hear which of these theories resonate the most with you – which ones in your experience, and according to your intuition, seem true. And that goes for men too, because the implication in many of these is that men are the opposite or different from women on each of the counts. Ok, here goes:

1) Women’s Energy is Centripetal, Men’s is Centrifugal
The idea here is that by default women’s energy circles inward, and is therefore attractive, drawing things towards it, while by default men’s energy cycles outwards, projecting rather than attracting. Both men and women can control and reverse this with their intent (conscious or unconscious) but by default women’s energy is centripetal and men’s is centrifugal. This especially comes into play with sexual energy, and the different ways the two sexes try and attract sexual partners. It also comes into play in families, with the women in any familial group said to be the energetic ‘organizing principle’, because of this centripetal quality.

2) Women’s Energy Bodies are More Sensitive/Absorbant, Men’s are More Solid/Protective
Women’s energy bodies are also generally said to be more sensitive to external energies, and more likely to absorb these energies, rather than repel them. This has pros and cons, as external energy can serve as the ‘raw data’ for intuition, but absorbing too much energy, or the wrong kind, can deplete or disperse a women’s energy field more quickly in certain situations, for example, in a large crowd.

3) Women’s Energy is More Fluid, Men’s More Fixed
Related to the idea that women’s energy bodies are more receptive is the idea that they are more fluid – that they change more rapidly and more often than men’s, in response to the environment and other people. In nature, this can mean that women merge energetically with their environment more readily and quickly, and the same thing in a group of people (so obviously this also has pros and cons, depending on what you are merging with.)

4) Women’s Energy Bodies are More Expansive
Also along these lines is the idea that women can expand their energy fields to encompass others around them more readily (think Bella as a vampire in the Twilight series if you have read it.) Personally, I am not so sure on this one, apart from a mother’s energetic relationship with her children (which I’ll get to in a minute), as I have seen more men with powerful protective abilities in this regard, perhaps because I am a martial artist. The centrifugal nature of men’s energy seems to actually make their energy fields more readily expandable, in this sense, to me.

5) Women’s Energy Bodies are Fertile Ground for Energy Lines
This one is a touchy one. The idea with this one is that in interactions with others, and especially in close relationships, women become the anchor line energetically for both parties. In sexual terms, some traditions teach that a woman actually gets an energy line ‘planted’ in her energy body with every sexual encounter, that can take years to cut if she wishes to do so (and that this is not the case, or at least less so, for men.) But it’s not just sexual energy lines, it’s really in all kinds of relationships – the idea is that women naturally harbor these lines. And that this can become especially problematic for us if we are ‘anchoring’ too many people for us to handle.  Here is a short video to provide greater insight on this point.

6) Maternal Energy Lines are Distinct, and Progress Through Time
This one concerns the energy line between mother and child. The idea is that the first 3-6 months after birth, a child really is an extension of his or her mother energetically – their energy fields are merged. Gradually over time this energy connection separates, and the child becomes a distinct energetic being, although a unique energy line remains between them for life. The energy line between father and child, or other relatives, is established through other means, through emotional bonding and history, rather than through this intrinsic energetic line.

7) A Women’s Energy Body is Cyclical
There are lots of variations on this one, but the primary one is that the nature of a women’s energy body shifts over the course of her menstrual cycle. Her energy body is ‘more’ of all the things listed above – centripetal, sensitive, fluid, etc. in the days leading up to menstruation, and especially right before and during, and then is a little less so in the days leading up to ovulation. So her energy body is always waxing and waning (moon cycle and all that!) in this way.

8 ) Women’s Energy Bodies Have Distinct Life Phases
Tied to this is the idea that women’s energy bodies go through very distinct shifts corresponding to the major reproductive-related physical changes they experience during their lifetime: The onset of menstruation, sexual maturity, pregnancy, nursing, perimenopause, and menopause. (I wrote about this a bit before, but there’s a lot more information out there on this.) This has implications for both their energy health and spiritual path at each point along the way.

9) The 2nd, or Sacral, Chakra Plays a Unique Role in Women
Because of #s 6 – 8, the chakra or energy center related to women’s reproductive system, the 2nd or sacral chakra, plays a unique role in their personal power and energy health. Just as women and men are each at risk for different physical illnesses because of their physical and hormonal differences, they are at risk for different energetic issues as well. And in the case of the 2nd chakra, this means that any damage or blocks related to it are particularly damaging to women. And conversely, that a healthy 2nd chakra has even more benefits.

10) A Women’s Sacral Chakra is a Unique Spiritual Doorway
This comes up in some form in all the ‘sacred feminine’ traditions, even in those that don’t define chakras per se. The idea is that the 2nd chakra (or corresponding area in other systems) in women can function like a portal, a doorway to other dimensions and to spiritual insight, in a way that in mainstream teachings usually only the third eye and crown chakra are said to.

Thank you for the insight and well written blog entry Lisa.


3 thoughts on “a woman’s energy

  1. This is very informative and I thank you for your honest. I thank God for men like you who appreciate the roles of male and female without demeaning the other. You did a fantastic job. Where can I get the rest of your commentary?

  2. Hi Dimitri, I was a little stunned to come across your post, as it is of course a copy of my own post from more than three years ago, found here: http://mommymystic.wordpress.com/2009/10/27/10-characteristics-of-womens-energy-bodies/ (sorry this will not let me hyperlink, will have to cut and paste this link.)

    Perhaps you meant to reblog? I appreciate you sharing this information, but of course you should always attribute your source, and when using an article in entirety as in this case, you should ask permission and then attribute it. I’d appreciate you adding that to this post, or taking it down. Thanks-


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