epic visual symbolism!

this short film takes a critical look at the events of the past decade that have shaped our world…

I had thought long, and hard about how to approach “I, Pet Goat ll”, and what to do with it after watching. I’ll get into my interpretation a little further down, but wanted to cover some key reasons why I decided to go further into depth on this video, and what importance it has.

I posted the accounts of what’s to come, due to encouragement from those near to me, who’ve told me, we must be beacons to those in search. Who are those in search? Those with spirit, who have an undying need to know, who search for knowledge without preset perimeters of what is, and what isn’t correct based off of false belief structures. The question is where did I get my information?

Onto the topic at hand, I want to make this a working thread, where others, and I can post our thoughts, and include pertinent information relating to the deciphering of this message. I was going to wait on posting what I’ve seen until I could further my research, but after talking to two people, I changed my mind, as they were able to add to what I saw.

I will say this, this message isn’t to everyone. I do believe it’s a directed message from one group of people vying for world control to another. I would say from the good group who has the upper hand at this point, to the bad group, who’s been in control, and has for all intensive purposes already lost. The Cosmos is on the side of the good group.

My point is, not everyone will ‘get it’, not anyone can literally ‘comprehend’ the message. Also, there are multiple meanings to each point in the video, as well as to the overall interpretations. Both the Macrocosmic, and Microcosmic are covered; the internal, and external. The overall message is clear, at least how I interpret it. You might interpret it differently; I know at different levels it’ll be interpreted differently based off of level of esoteric knowledge.


Something else to be aware of, I’m of the opinion this video is akin to a ‘Baby Einstein’ for some very very special people amongst us. It is also a last warning to those in power that what’s coming cannot be stopped, and their actions can directly result in the severity of the reaction… F=-F.

The video starts off with a goat locked in a cage, trance induced, and a heart beating. The heart beating is throughout the video till around 6:15, then the Sun is shown. The title of the video is then shown, as “I, Pet Goat ll” in children’s building blocks. The number of lit blocks are 9 + ll = 9/11. “I Pet Goats”, is the book President Bush was reading at the time of the attack on the Twin Towers in New York City. This video is 7:28 minutes in length, which is near the amount of time from when Bush was originally told the plane hit, until he stopped reading.

Another note about the goat, it has a barcode, and 666 tattooed under the barcode. I cannot source it off the top of my head, but believe it’s from the Tarot, the 666 is the number of man right now. It means the carnal man, the consumerist man. Meaning most already have this mythical mark.

Of note, why did they use goats, instead of sheep? I’ll get to my answer of that later, but I think it has to do with a book of the Bible.

Onto scene two, are the hands of the puppeteer Drako(as named on Heliofant’s website), You can view these around 20 seconds into the video. On his left hand is a ring which seems symbolic of money, it is a snake, but gold. Notice it’s on the traditional finger for marriage. On his other hand is blood, and his index finger appears to be wearing the ring that’s oozing the blood. I have to wonder if that’s not to give direction as to who must be eliminated.

Drako is operating a puppet. This brings us to scene three. At :27 You can clearly see George W. Bush come to life. He’s wearing a “Dunce” cap with a large D to enhance his dunce nature; which brings us into the classroom. He’s tap dancing around :32 seconds into it. He’s putting on a show for the classroom, that being those of us in the US, and the world.

At around :37 seconds he sits down in a chair at the front of the class; he’s in the limelight of a five pointed star. The classroom is ‘there’s’, meaning they, being the PTB built it for all of us to be trapped in. The seat is positioned just right that three direct things concerning the President, become apparent on the chalkboard. Number one, their house is on fire, it’s burning down around them. Two, a penis is positioned just right, so as to ‘piss’ on Bush’s head. Third, is a large shark who’s jaws line up perfectly with the Presidents head.

I believe all three of these are indicators of who created this video; it literally is a ‘piss on you’ signature. They mean in fact, ‘dude, you’re putting on a show while your own house burns, your affairs aren’t in order; followed by blatantly, ‘piss on you’, followed by, there are bigger sharks in the sea.

Also at this time in the video :37 seconds, take note of the US map to the left of the President. All the false flags over the last couple decades have pins. Those being Oklahoma City, Twin Towers, Katrina Levies, and the Macondo Well site in the Gulf of Mexico. Watching over these; so as to be the god the sacrifices were made to is Molock. Also, note the snow flake with the hexagon center.

At around :44 seconds the heart beat has an added auditory element. Bush points upwards, you see an evolutionary chart of man; from fish, to ape, all the way to mankind today. There’s a wall separating the progression of man from what appears to be illuminated mankind. The clock is at the ‘zero hour’. You’ll also see a hangman on the chalkboard. The hangman is already hung, meaning dead, but he’s on his last leg as well(Note there can be other interpretations to this, as anything esoteric has multiple). If you read my linked thread above, it will explain esoteric information regarding the nature of mankind here, and now on Earth; as well as what is trapped here with us. The dead man hanging, but on his last leg represents those lost souls mentioned in my linked thread above. They’re already dead, but animated flesh in the here, and now; they are the goats. This is the reason there is a wall between the evolving man, and the illuminated man.

The dead man is trapped to this Earth eternally. There are options open to how the future can proceed, one in which they can always reincarnate here, and another where ‘it’s done’, but they cannot proceed to enlightenment. The enlightened man, as already explained in my other thread(linked above), will come from people scattered all around the world like salt, and pepper; it’s from a DNA that’s been passed down, and purposely kept here; I assume insured by ‘The Keeper of the Flame’, as shown later in the video.

Bush rattles on, as the bad puppet, who seemingly is going insane with his ‘fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, shame on…can’t get fooled again’. At :55 seconds, you can see a few more images in the video. One is the word being used for the game hangman;
evoL_t__n is the word. You’ll note Love is backwards, but made seen.

The brain, with two hemispheres split by force of lightning is shown as well. Now, many people that I’ve read across the Internet claim the dragon is China?! I think not, the dragon is the symbol, and representation of the most arcane, the most ancient knowledge, and it’s clearly moving in on the mind.

Also, F=-F , Force, equals negative Force is written on the board. Many have noted that’s one of the laws of force by Newton. Fine, and good, but think about it, if we the world are in their classroom, but it’s been somewhat hijacked by ‘good guys’ trying to send a message, what does F=-F mean? I think it means that when you go out, and follow these monsters controlled by Drako, that in the end the force you use to fight for their draconian conquest, has the same equal negative impact on your overall life. Drako would even tell you this, or subliminally teach it, as they cannot force you to do anything, but you must willingly at some level submit.

The heart on the right side, I yet to have an explanation for; potentially it, along with the figurative hearts on the chalk board, along with evoL are meant to aid in awakening the Heart Chakra inside of those who’re alive; a subliminal message to stress the importance of that area.

At around 1:04 Bush spins his head around, and instantly becomes Obama. It’s been noted that Obama’s expressions, and overall demeanor are that of a Russian comedian. I do believe this is to a degree, a signature of some of those who aided in the creation of this video. At 1:06 notice his vampire teeth, along with the heliofant symbol on his left cheek….. a little self promotion isn’t bad

Obama laughs all the way through around 1:11 into the video, at which point the camera shows the class in the classroom. Here’s where my interpretation based off of my above linked thread will potentially anger some. There sits a little girl, named ‘Lilly’ holding an apple, according to Heliofant’s website. is sitting amongst faceless, and blob like other figures. These other figures are wrapped, or ‘enslaved’ in barbed wire. According to Heliofant’s website, Lily, thinks, “And suddenly a startling realization arose in Lily: “This apple is not mine”, she thought. “It belongs to someone else.””

I disagree with this, and if not mistaken, I believe it was Lilith that made the ‘creation mistake’ that gave rise to the evil/conscious death that was trapped here long ago. I think this character Lily, like all else of this story has multiple representations. She’s Lilith, the original one who made the mistake of giving knowledge, and creating the evil. She’s also a real little girl here in this classroom, surrounded by the other ‘lost souls’, or more appropriately, ‘dead souls’, souls of mankind that in the past made a choice, a choice to side with the evil/conscious death that’s trapped in this plane.

Lily in this aspect represents, one of the people with special dna, someone who’s alive with real Spirit. Someone who isn’t of this Earth, but came long ago; of literal angelic origin. Also, in this frame you’ll see two other relevant items, one is the rabbit above her, I believe it’s the representation of fertility when combined in the thought process regarding special DNA; meaning ‘it’s bred, and is everywhere, it’s ready’. Also, you’ll see Lily is in a ring; ring’s are associated with protection. From what I’ve heard first hand, and read, these people with this DNA are protected. Should they be harmed knowingly, or even accidentally by the evil/conscious death, it’ll will be met with immediate, and equal counterforce to all it’s ever done.

At around 1:20 the lights go dim, and only Lily, and the rabbit are illuminated. Shortly there after she lets the apple go, which represents at this point knowledge. The apple rolls over to President Obama’s boot; it then splits in two. You can see this at 1:30

Now this is the point where a lot of concentration, and interpretation have been made. On the floor is what appear to be LC, painted in black, and white. Most have claimed it means Lucifer Christ. I don’t think that, but at the same time, with all esoteric, there are many interpretations. That interpretation in fact isn’t good, and evil, but a title, as a ‘christ’ isn’t a direct name, but label. Other popular interpretations are London Coliseum, or London Olympics(many say it could also be an O). They say these last two believing it’s a preemptive warning to a false flag.

A couple other interpretations that I thought of instantly are Last Chance, Lost Chance, or the orientation could be read as this <C, I take that to mean Confinement forever, to infinity. These last three interpretations that I made, I believe are directly pointed at Obama/Bush, and their controllers. Again, if you read my linked thread above, it’s explained in there. Now, there are numerous ways to interpret this stuff, and I invite you all to do so.

At a 1:37 the apple finishes breaking open, and a Pink Lotus flower emerges(the most powerful kind); the apple is indicative of knowledge. If Lily is Lilith, then she did give evil/conscious death both knowledge, and the Cosmos at some point, and at the same time, she’s showing as Lily that knowledge, and the Cosmos stomp the power of the checker board floor(masonic), and all the gold, and silver. These are represented by the gold coin under his boot, and the silver tip of his boot. Go read any religious text, physical world wealth when compared to the higher realms doesn’t mean squat.

At 1:41, you see sweat drip off of Obama’s brow, and fear in his eyes. He knows his fate is about to be sealed, or is sealed; that I’m not sure on to the full extent. The fear is caused by the knowledge, and Cosmos represented by the Lotus flower stomping all the material wealth in the world.

At 1:43, you see he’s in the classroom from the outside, another thing not pointed out at any other discussion is at this point you can clearly see a bright yellow Z on the classroom behind him. Many would now that it’s been pointed out, speculate he’s in a classroom controlled by Zionism; however, the message from the apple, Lotus flower, sweat from his brow, and fear in his eyes, are that both he, and Bush are who were truly ‘schooled’, as no single one, or group can upset the natural order of the Universe, and Cosmos forever, without Force equaling an opposite Force; no matter how long it takes, when it does, it’ll equal up to the total amount.

At 1:45 you’ll see Psalms23 scrawled on the wall outside of the warm school building. That took me a while to figure out. Here is what that passage says,
“Psalm 23
1 A Psalm of David. The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.
2 He maketh me to rest in green pasture, and leadeth me by the still waters.
3 He restoreth my soul, and leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his Name’s sake.
4 Yea, though I should walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me: thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.
5 Thou doest prepare a table before me in the sight of mine adversaries: thou doest anoint mine head with oil, and my cup runneth over.
6 Doubtless kindness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I shall remain a long season in the house of the Lord.”

It’s a run of the mill Christian devotional to the ‘lord’. I couldn’t figure it out until a little further in the video. At 1:48, you’ll see the American flag wither, and half fall away, this could be indicative of secession in the current US, but more indicative of a crumbling empire, and order. Between 1:53, and 1:54 is what most people have missed.

The barbed wire fence; which not only surrounds the school, but also so much so of a prison continues into the sea. Bush, Obama, Zionism, and the Christians are trapped in a literal prison. Psalms23 has no pleasant meaning there, other than to place a ‘sigil’ of where they belong. Unlike Obama, Bush, and the puppet masters who get to be in the warm school building, the cannon fodder Christians are relegated to the outside in the cold. Lily is inside with the other elites, as this is a bit a of stage play. Drako, has always known Lily, and divine DNA have been on Earth, part of allowing Drako, and his kind to survive this long without the full fury of the universe, is due to not only allowing, but knowingly not harming, at least yet, those with the divine DNA.

Not only are they/we locked in that prison surrounded by barbed wire, but also, the actual world they’re locked into, is barren, it’s desolate, a wasteland. Off in the distance you see the Twin Towers, or what appear to be the Twin Towers burning. By 2:02, they well on their way to crumbling.


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