i love you enough that i don’t care what you think

How do you access unconditional love?  Seeing through the eyes of source….that is how:)  Not easy I know, but it is worth practicing –> indeed!  The Power of the Source gives us the greatest power we will ever have.  No human stays consistent to live up to any set of expectations, that is why source is best for the power we seek.


Work towards mastering unconditional love.  We are perfect when we see how source sees us and that is PERFECT.  Unconditional means not connecting our happiness and joy and love to any one person <– because remember, people are inherently conditional both physically and mentally.  We need to be more in alignment with source when we feel the need to put conditions on others.

Releasing the fear of needing any one thing to make us happy is key.  Find happiness within and then expand that happiness outward.

Are you good at saying your happiness is an inside job?


2 thoughts on “i love you enough that i don’t care what you think

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