letting go!

What makes letting go so hard? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Why is it so difficult to digest emotional issues from the past? What hinders you from expelling the toxins that hold your growth back?

The impotence to forget, hinders you from letting go the past.

You probably almost forgot what you ate yesterday evening already, you smoothly digested it, but, you still remember heart breaks that lie 5-10 years in the past. The difference between the two, clearly, lies in the impact they have created in your life and as we all know the center of all motions is the heart. It is the core of your being out of which the frequencies of mind and matter are generated. The mind in comparison to the heart is very floaty, once you have digested and let go the food you have eaten, the mind soon will forget as well. Food only passes the heart by entering through the throat and ending up in the stomach, where it instantly can get digested.

The heart on the other hand has the deepest and strongest remembering skills and whatever has burdened it, is much harder to erase as with every heart beat it is being created anew.

The moment you get your heart broken and insanely deep impact is created in the core of your being, the heart, and the ripples that result out of it, define your life.

If you hold onto this unhealthy emotions you shackle your own growth, your life will forever be defined by them.

The heart is the crosspoint of whatever you will be and whatever you once were.

The way to let go of these emotions is by forgetting, and this may sound illogic to you, I mean, how are we supposed to forget the deepest impacts of our life, how are we supposed to forget our hearts?

The way to let go is forgetting, the way to forget is forgiving.

Whatever it is that occupies your heart, the reason you are unable to let go of it is the incapability to forgive yourself. Until this day you are still ashamed, angry or simply blaming yourself for what happened in a specific moment back in the past. In order to forget this moment, we must first be able to forgive ourselves and the persons that were involved. What is it that you are unable to let go? What is it that has defined your life until now?

It is vital to understand that the past does not really exist, past and future are linearizing the now, so that we can experience life. It is essential as without that function everything would happen at the same time, and that is the point, in fact everything is happening at the same time. Mind and body imply future and past, heaven and earth, consciousness and subconsciousness, male and female.

Blaming yourself for something you did or did not do in the past, or someone did or did not do to you in the past, is blaming yourself or other people, for something that you do or do not do now. You can always and anytime make up for these things, but you need to let go that it has happened in the past. Nope, if it burdens you now, it is happening now. Neuroscientists have come to the conclusion that when you remember, consciously think about the wrongs in the past, you recreate the experience. Your heart beat recreates the ripples that make your mind and body recreate the past that terribly hurt you. Like that you get caught up in an endless loop that is harming you, as it takes your chance to create a new and beautiful future.

By being unable to let go, you constantly recreate your past.

The now, the heart, is what connects you to everything there is; Your loved ones, plants, trees, animals, the whole moment is one. Whatever your heart envelops therefore belongs to your world.

Some people draw circles around them that include their friends and family, others draw bigger circles that include nature and animals. Then there are those that have such big hearts that they can include the whole planet, solar system and galaxy. The latest is in fact the really way the now presents itself, as it is connecting you to all things, every other conclusion results out of lack of understanding the now.

It is of utmost importance to understand the heart, since all the people you let in it are the people you frequently meet. You know why people tend to meet the same person in various different places and then end up saying; “Wow, the world is really small!?” It is exactly because of your heart, it is the heart that defines what your world is composed of. It is the easiest way to proof that you are constantly creating the world you live in, starting from your core, the heart. That is also why people keep showing up that hurt you, like ex boy or girlfriends. It is because they still occupy a corner in your heart, they had an impact in your life and since you were unable to forget and forgive them, they are still defining it.

In order to get rid of this impact, in order set your heart free from recreating hurtful events, you have to be firmly rooted, you have to have strong roots. If we take a moment to look at trees, we can understand that they use their roots to expel all the toxins that gathered, the earth sucks them out and in exchange offers nurturing and life giving water. If the roots are weak though, the tree will grow sick and might end up dying.

We, in the same way have to let go, not only of harmful memories, but all harmful beliefs.

Forgive to forget, forget to let go, let go in order to grow.

thnx r4a


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