gay > parity

moralsThis picture, profound and raw will extract a response from you that prompts some serious thought of you and your peers.  How at any time in humanity can one become so consumed with and give a shit about what a person(s) does with their sexual and anal pores?  Who cares?  And guess what?  Tomorrow is still Sunday.  But yet, people will march, post rallies, fund raise for anti “lesbo/gay” campaigns but then won’t do advocate the same energy in establishing parity for those in need.  So again, someone being gay and wanting to be married is worth you getting your feathers in a bunch opposed to the millions of starving children?  I know, I know that was extreme right? So we can definitely pivot this extreme and mount it against any issue of depravity – pick one.

I don’t care who you have sex with and neither should anyone else. Abortion is legal because no one should have a say in your decisions regarding your body, and marriage should be the same. It disgusts me that people can’t look past their own noses. “They can’t pro-create” well neither can plenty of straight couples, and last time I checked you didn’t have to pass a fertility test to get married so unless you’re sending all fertility impaired couples to a leper island it’s time to abate that argument. With America having such a high orphan rate, perhaps people need to start giving “gays” the same rights as anyone else. No one has ever died of being “too gay” so instead of trying to decriminalize weed, lets decriminalize “gay”.  Or hell, lets decriminalize them both!

Anti discriminatory Federal and State law expresses “gays” are a protected class.  Additioanlly, if there is a TRUE separation of church and state, then how do “Christian values” trump the LEGAL marriage of two homosexual people(s)?  Legally there should be NO stopping them from getting married. However, the fact that we have to actually have “protected classes” is pretty pathetic.  Everyone whines and complains about not having equal rights, but as long as we’re separating people into classes to GIVE them rights, you’re separating your country, period. As soon as they’re “legal” I’m waiting for the TV channel and scholarships to follow. How can any country so segregated even claim to be a land of equality?

What the hell where our founding fathers thinking?  Half of them were gay too!

Anyway, I digress.  The point to my diatribe is that lets just get over trying to manage, control, and detail how people personally run their lives and lets work together to enhance and enrich the quality of life for all <– oh and by the way, this may include you getting over the fact that people that have the same sexual pores may want to be a couple 😉


2 thoughts on “gay > parity

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