your economics are asinine!

I was having a conversation the other day which prompted my thoughts on how wasteful and non-communal we are as a nation.

It seems the only “social glues” in this nation are religion, race, and economics <– and all know how weak those glues are! Once I change my religion, once I see your color and once I make more than you, we are simply no longer “friends”.

Pretty whack.

This continued use of those very weak social glues has resulted in a very non-communal, judgmental and individualistic attitude – which in turn equates to a huge amount of waste, social disparity and bassackwards economics.


Here is a picture of a woman getting on a city bus with a mattress. Many of us laugh, many of our shake our heads and many of us even go as far as to assign that behavior to race be it the proxy being shown. However, when you truly look at this picture, it’s the BEST use of economic resources. The bus is public, low emissions and it only cost $1.50. The woman has cut down on her carbon foot print, saved money on delivery charges, and can now promote a more balanced circadian rhythm.

Genius to me! I’ll bet none of you have the BALLS to practice the economic genius she has…

We’d rather laugh at her, call her “ghetto” and talk about how crazy she is. We allow our ego to elect to pay an inflated delivery charge, or drive our cars at $4/gallon to do it ourselves.  Who is truly smarter?

***scratches head***

It’s ironic how resourceful we become we resources are limited and/or we are confined by some socio economic status.

If you’ve ever been to the “hood”, you’ve more than likely have seen a person either pushing a lawnmower down the sidewalk, or driving with one hanging out the back of his/her car. Again, you are witnessing masters of the economy. They are SHARING and using ONE resource to make money and maintain a dignified property. Smart.

But, once again, you all laugh as you sit perched tucked away in middle income housing additions with a $300 – $1500 push or riding lawnmower in EACH garage/shed. How asinine is that? No one cuts their grass on the same day and any other time the lawnmower sits more than it’s ever used. So why not have a communal lawnmower. Everyone chips in time or money and shares it within the neighborhood. Duh!

So then why is it that you laugh at such events?  What’s funny about it? Because they are being smart, innovative and resourceful?  Because you think such actions are specific to a racial group?  Ah, I got it – you’re ego is too proud to save money, gotcha.  All I can say is the next time you see such things, think before you laugh. I’ll bet you’ve wasted more money than they have lived on.

It’s parr the course that none of us will wake up unless we personally have to experience economic deprivation or work together in defense of an alien attack.

*** shrugs***

Thanks for the inspiration rs and as 😉



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