The new tactic of racism …

The new tactic of racism is to claim that there is no racism.


One thought on “The new tactic of racism …

  1. I remember reading in family-systems therapy class that in families where schizophrenia is present, one thing that is often present is communication where the “patient” is told that what is going on is not really going on… worse than just the idea of the elephant in the living room is the idea that the elephant is really a chocolate cake or a rainbow…
    We cannot hide from our unconscious and think it is going to go away.. we can’t pretend that the shadow doesn’t thrive in that kind of environment.
    We can continue the conversation, even when shot down. We can continue to point to injustice and let other’s know that their efforts at silencing reality will not go unchecked.
    Glad this was a follow up post to the video clip from yesterday.

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