sinead o’connor has a lot to say about treyvon martin!

She might be a white woman from Ireland, but her she’s got conjones bigger than any of the biggest, baddest rappers in the music industry.  Sinead O’Connor wrote a very long public letter addressing the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, the black community and a host of other factors that need to be discussed.  You go girl.  sinead o’connor

I would like to extend my very deepest sympathies to the family and other loved ones of murdered teenager, Treyvon Martin. I am very sad today (and am certain the whole of Ireland is) to learn of poor Treyvon’s terrifying ordeal and horrified by the fact his known and named and admitted killer has not been arrested, despite the crime having taken place a month ago. This is a disgrace to the entire human race.

For those out there who believe black people to be less than pure royalty, let me inform you of a little known, but scientifically proven, many times over, FACT. Which after reading, you will hopefully feel both very stupid and very sorry. For you dishonor your own mothers and grandmothers.

EVERY human being on earth, no matter what their culture, creed, skin colour, or nationality, shares one gene traceable back to one African woman. Scientists have named it ‘The Eve Gene’. This means ALL of us, even ridiculously stupid, ignorant, perverted, blaspheming racists are the descendants of one African woman.

One African woman is the mother of all of us. Africa was the first world. You come from there! Your skin may be ‘white’.. because you didn’t need it to be black any more where you lived. But as Curtis Mayfield said.. “You’re just the surface of our dark, deep well”. So you’re being morons. And God is having the last laugh at your ignorant expense.

If you hate black people, its yourself you hate. And the mother who bore you. If you kill or wish ill on black people, its yourself you kill and wish ill on. As well as the mother who bore you.

When you dishonor the the utter glory and majesty of black people, you lie. Your heart lies to you and you let it. Despite seeing every day, all your life, how you and your country would be less than wonderfully functioning and inspiring to the world, without the manifold and glorious contributions made by the descendants of African slaves, who did not by the way actually ask to go to America and leave their future families there to be disrespected for eternity.

What are you doing hating yourself by hating your brothers and sisters who daily show you nothing but inspiration and love, despite having NOTHING, in their own country? Despite having barely a chance of anything, because of racism. Despite being granted no ‘permission’ for proper self-esteem.

These beautiful people continue to believe in and even manifest Jesus Christ better than you do. That alone could stand as the greatest reason your racism is blasphemy, were it not for all the other reasons.

These people you hate and fear ARE the body of Christ, just as we all are. Every child, woman or man. And they know it. Maybe thats why you cant bear to look at them. Because you see Jesus Christ and you cant stand the light.

Stop this ridiculous and uneducated attitude. You would be dead without black people. Think of all the greatest music ever composed. The greatest songs. The greatest inspirational heroes.. Muhammad Ali, Mandela, Martin Luther King, Harriet Tubman, Soujourner Truth, Bob Marley, Nina Simone, Curtis Mayfield. So many absolute angels, sent from God.

Without the inspiration of these people many millions of so-called ‘white’ people, including myself would not have had the strength to pay the price of life.

And black youth in America. I’m talking to you here too. I love you. So I don’t mean to sound cross, I’m just being a mother.. Why are you killing each other? Why are you hating yourselves? You are the most important people God ever sent to this earth, every man, woman and child among you! Don’t let uneducated people win and take your self-esteem or your esteem for each other, and make you kill each other. over guns, drugs, bling, or any other nonsense.

You are now entering YOUR version of a sort of civil rights movement and you’re gonna see history being made in what has certainly the profoundest potential to become THE most wonderful country on earth. Because soon ALL ‘isms’ and ‘sits” will end. including racism, as the people of the earth begin to understand, we are all one.

We came from one mother. We are all brothers and sisters. And we CAN get beyond this ILLUSION of separateness. With prayer and love. It CAN change. It WILL change. And YOU guys (young people of all kinds) are the ones who are gonna GENTLY change it. And you know where it starts? With MUSIC.

Don’t be guided by rap. Gangsta or otherwise. Sure.. enjoy it.. adore I do.. but realize this.. rap ain’t about your civil or spiritual rights, baby boys and girls. It.. along with most music nowadays.. is about falsenesses and vanities. Bling, drugs, sex, guns and people- dissing. Its giving you the message you ain’t ‘good enough’ if you don’t have bling and ting.. and money. Or if you’re not what it deems ‘sexy’.

(This is true of all popular music not rap alone. I know. Its tragically true of all popular youth culture the world over).

Poor Curtis Mayfield must be crying all day and night ALL day and night in heaven, every day and night.. To see what has been so successfully achieved by those who sent guns, drugs, and bling to squash the civil rights movement. Now you all don’t have to be murdered by racists any more.. you’re murdering each other FOR them! And your parents and grandparents are left crying.

Go back to strong black musical guides who left you information in the 60s and 70s. when they were living through the civil rights struggle. Curtis Mayfield. The Impressions. Nina Simone, Mahalia Jackson. Sing back the Holy Spirit ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, as those artists did.

Forget bling. Forget “Get Rich Or Die Trying”. That is an evil message. Evil my dears is only life backwards. Turn it the right way up. With music. The messages American black youth are being given through music are not about the spiritual and therefore strong and conquering but PEACEFUL making of YOUR country into the wonderful place it secretly is and can be.. BECAUSE OF YOU, and BY YOU!!

You know not how you are adored, appreciated, valued, loved, cried for,smiled for, prayed for, all over the world. You know not how much inspiration and uplift-ment of heart you give to millions just by your presence on earth.

These musical guides will give you self-esteem. When you have self-esteem you can achieve anything. You can stand in the street as many did yesterday and change your country peacefully and with song. Chant down Babylon as the Rastas say. Rastafari will also give you self esteem. Investigate it.

You will notice, my beautiful sons and daughters, when you study, as you must, footage of all civil rights gatherings, how singing and music and sound and voice and the Holy Spirit were all employed and were so much part of the energy which moved things along.. just as running was in the South African gatherings I saw on tv in my own childhood, which inspired me to survive my own horrors.

What you listen to musically and whether or not you employ the Holy Spirit’s highest will for your life is whats gonna make you transcend all you’re having to suffer (the worst of which is low self-esteem.. or esteem based upon material ‘success’ or ‘sexiness’)) as a result of being the descendants of people who didn’t ask to be stolen and leave you where you are. Delete bling. Get conscious with your music. Demand conscious music from your artists. Go back to the artists who left you proper guidance.

This is some serious stuff and we (all manner of musical artists) are too silent on matters of enormous spiritual importance. Lemme ask you.. Jayzee and Eminem et al. Why was it always the black people only worked in the post rooms of record companies, which was always in the basement? Why was it that as each floor went up the skins got paler till it was fuckin ghosts at the top? And all us artists.. even me.. said nothing? Those buildings (record companies) always struck me as being a microcosm or painting of America, racially speaking. Christ almighty.. if its like that in the music business how is anything ever going to change?

We, musical artists are too silent on important stuff. And it is our job to be the gate-keepers of truth. ALL the people of this earth must come together eventually and see that we are one. ALL artists must stand up. Black, white, yellow, green, pink, fucking polka dot.. and be a light in these times.

The world is going to shift massively this year.. spiritually speaking. Musical artists are to be a massive part of that shift. Get up, lets all of us. And light Jah fire.. and BE lights.

Where’s the fire gone from music? Where is the love? the oneness? The knowing that music CAN and WILL move things in the right spiritual direction without hatred or violence? We must box clever. Sing the devil to sleep at your feet. Thats what Curtis teaches. He is the master of ALL musical masters. forget, forget, forget and forget again bling and guns and drugs and the worship of fame and money. Its time to wake up. We KNOW the power of music. Why aren’t we using it to change anything important?

Musicians all over the world should now gently demand this child’s killer be arrested immediately and the family of Treyvon Martin be immediately apologized to upon bended knee. Frankly. I myself would like an apology! America is a country I love and adore. what this man has done is un-American in the most horrific extreme.

Him not being arrested is extremely embarrassing and does absolutely NOT paint the true picture of of a country and a people who for the 90% majority are the kindest, most loving, intelligent, and wonderful people you could know.

Please.. ALL Americans should deplore this crime. As should ALL people of ALL nations. And deplore the fact this man has not been arrested. All Irish people should do the same. And I ask that we here in Ireland should express through our American embassy that we would like to see this man arrested this very minute. Because racism is not acceptable. Nor is vigilantism. And this was very clearly in no way at all a case of self-defense.

I leave you with some lyrics of Curtis Mayfield’s which I feel are appropriate for this situation. I am certain Curtis would have wanted to contribute to discussion on the issue of Treyvon’s murder and the condition of young black people in America today.. so here goes.. the song is called This Is My Country.. from the album of the same name.

Some people think we don’t have the right

to say its my country

before they give in

they’d rather fuss and fight

than say its my country

I’ve paid three hundred years or more

of slave-driving sweat and welts on my back

This is my country

Too many have died in protecting my pride

for me to go second class

We’ve survived a hard blow and I want you to know

that you must face us at last

And I know you will give consideration

shall we perish unjust or live equal as a nation?

This is my country.


11 thoughts on “sinead o’connor has a lot to say about treyvon martin!

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  2. Uh, Sinead, as you know, science is continuously finding out that what it once stated as FACT was, IN FACT, incorrect. Human DNA is only slightly understood by science, and they are already noting that a large percentage of European ‘hunter-gatherers’ have DNA that differs from that of the African Eve and Middle-Eastern ‘farmers’. Again, they are still learning. Are you aware of a black man in Detroit, Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the religious movement called Nation of Islam. You might wanna research his beautiful thoughts. Are you aware that the ‘Canonized’ variations of The Christian Bible contain only the SELECTED and APPROVED writings of the Early Christians? – as determined by Roman Emperor Constantin and others? Jesus put nothing in writing – do you know exactly what he said? Young Mr. Martin was suspended from school – for drugs, not poetry, and this was confirmed by his family. As for the utter glory and majesty of black people, is that what you call it when OJ Simpson divorces his aging black wife for a white woman half his age, then parades her as a trophy. Is that what you call Africa today, with 6 million Congolese killing each other, and millions of Tutsi and Hutu killing each other in civil war a few years ago? Is that what you call people with plates in their lips and all manner of bodily deformations in bizarre pagan rituals – those are glorious and majestic people? BTW, very few Americans ever owned slaves – who do you think was able to buy plantation sized property, buy slaves, and support them for years until the forest land was changed into cotton-growing farmland – European Royalty class, that’s who, not the multitudes of European Peasants who came to America for Freedom and Liberty. You are a passionate, loving, caring lady, but the truth is, you are a little short on serious thought. Methinx you should listen carefully to some of the wonderful RAP music produced by these glorious and majestic black folk, and ask yourself why so many of them put so much effort into getting jiggy with white women – and why don’t they love their own women if they are all so glorious and majestic? Do you think it is my ignorance and ability to repeat discredited memes when I inform you that a young black man I once worked with and socialized with repeatedly told me that he wanted to go to (a major university in the USA) and F all the white virgins? Yes, they are a glorious lot. And what of you to doubt me and defy all logic and reality just to support your fantasy of what they are? The black Moors of Africa invaded Spain and conquered and raped and pillaged. The yellow Mongolians under Ghingas Khan invaded Russia and conquered and raped and pillaged. And the Great Wall of China was built for why? You should be happy your white brothers were once smart enough to protect from you from these violent others, instead, you label them dispicable. Again, lovely Mr. Martin was suspended from school for possession of drugs, not poetry.

    • excellent comment and thank you for your insight. a lot of the remarks you made are the truth. i do think that its good to know that a person of european descent knows enough to know that we ALL share a common genome.

      can you help me better understand your thinking around the fact that mr. martin was suspended from school for drugs and what merit that has in respect to losing his life?

  3. Read again – common genome is OLD science – new science says otherwise. It will be a long time, most likely, before we absolutely KNOW for sure what we are and where we came from.

    Your words, ‘the fact that he was supended’. My words: ‘for drugs, not poetry’. While this proves nothing, it implies he is other than an an innocent angel. This and other FACTS imply that the ‘Security Guard’ just might be telling the truth about a physcial confrontation, and as such, there is no reason for that ‘Security Guard’ to be arrested. He was not arrested BECAUSE there is FACTS, such as, suspended from school, this time, for drugs. Are you aware this is not his one and only suspension? More implications.

    BTW – I have Native American ‘DNA’ in me too, and I do not consider myself a descendent of Abraham – not the European in me or anything else in me. BTW: Take a look at ‘the ghosts’ at the top of the music producer towers – they ALL insist they are descendents of Abraham’s grandson Jacob, supposedly defeater of God, supposed blessed people (given a desert land – and told to kill for it). Implies much. Take a look at their Book of Genesis in which their blessings are all about power and fortune. What “god” promises those things? The Father of Jesus? Not. Implies much. Take a look at THEIR blonde-haired, blue-eyed, ‘arayan’ lady-friends. Interesting twist. Lots of intersting twists surrond THOSE people and their BS.

    Dude, I literally move mountains and literally turn dirt into planes, trains, and automobiles. I am not a sound-system-engineer, I am a REAL engineer. Sinead gave much good advice to ‘young’ people in her letter – but to label Africans as a glorious lot, I think not. I don’t listen to, enjoy, or adore RAP music, I LOATHE it. I listen to this: and Sinead should insist the young people do the same. Get the demon RAP music out of your life – then you will know who are the angels and who are demons.

    • you’re right on the dna. there is about 98% of it we cannot, at this time, understand its purpose.

      you know, you may be right, maybe mr. martin is not a “innocent” child and perhaps there was an “confrontation”. even if so, the confrontation was initiated by mr. zimmerman. i’m a professional mma fighter, and i’m also nra certified – so inherent to my acquired skills i know how to asses threat.

      it’s my belief that if mr. zimmerman is playing “security guard” and with a 9mm then he needs to learn how to asses threat. at what point does a person with NO gun in their hand warrant being subbed by a gun?

      additionally, if ANY person (white or black) rode up on me in a truck asking me questions about why i’m walking on a PUBLIC sidewalk, i’d be very defensive as well.

      lastly, lets for arguments sake remove the “facts” and remove “race” the police department did NOT follow procedure – period. sans the facts and the events, if ANYONE is killed during an interaction they should be drug tested, their clothing tagged and bagged for evidence and their criminal history taken <— NONE of that took place. standard case issue procedure for ANY us police department is to do such.

      so whats the issue there?

      i agree with you 100%, there are NO groups of humans bequeathed to gloriousness at ALL on this planet and i personally think the religions thereof are just as worthless.

      rap music? i think it a bit trite and juvenile to condemn an entire genre of music – but to each his own 🙂 i'm sure you and i both have seen a mosh pits go to hell while listening to the "good rock". its not the music my good man, its the content thereof. i think the ONLY music that hasn't initiated one to get a tattoo, fight, kill or pimp is classical music specifically bach's cantata No.34: white sunday <— one of my favs!

      i'm an engineer too (as you can see on my main site). what type of engineer are you?

  4. Stupid to comment before the facts are out. I could spout a long “message to the people” too and sound just as idiotic. I am sick to death that a boy died. Do I blame him? Do I blame the shooter? I am a responsible American adult, and I think that I will wait for alllllllllll of the facts. I do have to say that if it was my child, I would want to know everything, but I hope with all of my heart, that I would not go for the race thing first. I am sorry for his family, but the rest of the “Cling-ons” are completely out of line.

  5. Please use the comments to demonstrate your own ignorance, unfamiliarity with empirical data, ability to repeat discredited memes, and lack of respect for scientific knowledge. Also, be sure to create straw men and argue against things I have neither said nor even implied. Any irrelevancies you can mention will also be appreciated. Lastly, kindly forgo all civility in your discourse . . . you are, after all, anonymous 🙂

    Just who the hell are you to be the judge of every human being that could possibly comment? I feel sickened by your pre-judgement. I guess I did not see that before I commented, I hope with some semblance of humanity. Now I feel like I am standing next to one of the Nice Folks asking for the murder of Mr. Zimmerman. Would you like to tweet my address like Spike Lee thought he did?

    • my apologies sherry – i thought it was clear with the smiley face that the entire preface was filled with dry humor and satire.

      i am not above the human experience and profess to judge no one…

Please use the comments to demonstrate your own ignorance, unfamiliarity with empirical data, ability to repeat discredited memes, and lack of respect for scientific knowledge. Also, be sure to create straw men and argue against things I have neither said nor even implied. Any irrelevancies you can mention will also be appreciated. Lastly, kindly forgo all civility in your discourse . . . you are, after all, anonymous :)

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