mental trees and emotional fruit

…Imagine that there is a tree growing out from the top of your head. This tree is your Universe, it is the manifestation of your God energy and how that energy creates for you. Imagine that when this tree bears fruit, you can eat from this tree and become more conscious of your God- your self. This tree is always producing fruit, however that fruit is based upon the emotional energy contained inside your thoughts, this energy is what feeds the tree.  rooted thoughts

What happens with us as Humans is that we look around our reality and see things we want to replicate, but can’t- not realizing it is because we don’t have the emotional energy to produce those things. So we look at others and say, why can’t I be rich, why can’t I have that car, why can’t I travel around the world. Why do I have to work, why do I have to earn money, why do I have to pay bills. What we don’t realize is that these emotions are contained into our thoughts that feed our God tree, now in turn, this tree produces the fruit we then eat to create our results. The emotion of not having those things are feed back to us.

The real Human economy is based upon purchasing the emotional energy of others. This means that, because we can’t produce the fruit of our desires ourselves, we purchase them from others. So, if we see others claiming to have those things we want, we purchase their fruit from them. The problem with that is, this fruit is synchronized with it’s originator. Just as the fruit that falls from your head is meant for you and you alone, the fruit of others is meant for them alone. So what happens when we eat the fruit of someone else’s tree?

Religion happens. This may not be such a terrible thing if people doing this were stabilized within the same tribe or community. But what has happened is, many of us are programmed off the God energy of other Gods, thus whatever desires we wish for ourselves actually don’t happen for us, it happens for them. And what they desire for us, happens to us….


One thought on “mental trees and emotional fruit

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