power of laughter

Of all the tools that we as humans have at our disposal, perhaps one of the most important and powerful is the ability to laugh. Laughter can relieve stress, anger, sadness, and even hatred faster than anything else in the world. Laughter is very healing to the mind, emotions, and our bodies. Laughing can even boost our immune systems!

There is a lot of positive energy involved in laughter. This energy cleans and clears away physical and emotional tensions. A good laugh also allows us to stop our mental chatter, if only for a brief moment. In that sense, laughter itself is a form of meditation. Laughter brings people together and bonds them. But most importantly to us today, laughter can help when using the Law of Attraction.

You can get as goofy as you want when doing your visualization exercises. Adding silly, absurd things to your imaginings will help to anchor the desire in your subconscious. Most importantly, it will make you chuckle to yourself as you do your visualizations.

Those giggles and snickers will add energy to your manifestation, aiding in speedy success. The humor you add to your visualizations can be visual or situational, but make sure not to use anything that’s contrary to your desire. If you’re imagining absurdities in your dream house, it’s best not to imagine that dream house falling down, for instance.

Learn to cultivate a sense of humor about life and especially about yourself. The ability to laugh at yourself, especially in embarrassing or painful situations, is enormously beneficial in life. It can actually defuse embarrassment, minimize a situation in others’ minds, and remove any stress or emotional discomfort you would otherwise have felt. Laughter can brighten your day, and in fact brighten your entire world. Laughter truly is the best medicine.

If you just don’t seem to have a great sense of humor, don’t fear! You can cultivate a comedic mind easily. Saturate yourself for awhile in comedies. Read comedic plays, watch comedy movies, and see as many stand up acts as you can.

Not only will you enjoy the benefits of laughing at each of these, but before long your mind will suddenly begin delivering comedy to you throughout your day, sometimes even during the most mundane of activities! When you can entertain yourself, your life will be more fun.

Finally, laughter is a powerful healer, both for your mind and for your body. Laughter frees up your energy, loosens you up, and may assist you in the creative process.

Definitely integrate humor into your visualizations, as this will aid you in speedy manifestation. Make sure you integrate at least a little bit of humor into your life each day, and you will enjoy the many benefits of the powerful medicine of laughter.


9 thoughts on “power of laughter

  1. I totally agree ; laughter helps me get out of any funk – that I might be feeling at certain points…nothing better 😉 Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:)

  2. You said it all, laughter heals the mind and soul. Laughter could solve conflict, resolve wars, reconcile differences between males and females, boost endorphins..laughter could cure many ills.

    Let me join you in this campaign: hahahahahahahaha (laugh with me too).

  3. I sure needed a laugh this morning… Sometimes in the moment of burgeoning anger, laughter will keep you from crying…or slapping the taste out of somebody’s mouth! Namaste;-)

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