the taste of tomato soup!

A small village was divided into two groups. There was much animosity, bickering, even fighting. One day, a shop opened selling soup. The shop offered two varieties: red label with sun-dried tomato and black label with oven-dried tomato. Both were the same price and judging by the long lines of customers, equally tasty.

This village being divided, there were two lines at the shop. Half the village stood in the sun-dried tomato line, the other half in the oven-dried tomato line. But today was different. An announcement was made there would be free soup for all. Quickly, two groups gathered on the market square.

The owner of the soup shop appeared and when all had quieted down, he said: “For years, you’ve all been enjoying my special brand. I thank you for the trust placed in this business, both the sun-dried lovers and the oven-dried lovers.”

The groups looked at each other, almost growling with hatred.

The shop owner continued: “I came here long ago and found a town divided. I decided to do something about it: created a delicious kind of soup that has no dried tomato in it whatsoever. I hope you can all love and respect each other now because you’ve all been eating and appreciating the same kind of soup with just plain old tomato.”

It took some time for his words to sink in.

He added: “If you both love the same kind of taste, maybe you are not so different after all? Well, my work here is done. Everyone will get the recipe now to make at home.”

Paper recipes were handed out to the crowd. The shop closed, the owner left and was never seen or heard of since that day.

thank you az


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