i need help interpreting my dream…

A few evenings ago while I was sleeping, I felt something “get on” the bed and walk from my feet to my upper torso…I physically felt the pressure and indentation in the bed like a cat was walking on it next to me.

When I used to have kittens, they would jump on the foot of my bed and slowly walk up to my head to cuddle atop its warmth this is what the “walking” felt like.  Though its walk was light like a cats, I couldn’t tell if it had a bipedal or quadrupedal gate

Once it got to my upper torso, I felt it “sit” on my chest – it was very heavy!  Mind you the steps from its walk on the bed felt light like a cat, but when it sat on my chest it was heavy.  It was hard to breath, so I wiggled to make it get off my chest – not a big wiggle but just a squirm to get comfy again.

I again felt it walk on the bed and sit on my chest again.  I wiggled and it got off.  At that time I calmly whispered, what do u want?  I wasn’t scared or frustrated at all.

At this time,  I pulled my arms over my chest thinking that when it came to sit again I could take the weight on my arms allowing my chest to expand to breathe and then perhaps have a convo with it.  It walked again an sat on my chest. Even with my arms folded, it was too much pressure. I wiggled to get it off and that was it.

I then fell back asleep.

The reason why this experience is so amazing to me is because you normally do not feel physical sensations.  No smells, no sensory input – only output.  After I first felt it walking on the bed, I was awake but couldn’t see any figures or anything – just the room as it was.

What do you guys think?  Perhaps I’m on the brink of insanity 🙂


4 thoughts on “i need help interpreting my dream…

  1. Succubus. The folklore is that a succubus is a female ghost or demon that sits on a man’s chest and steal his breath or energy. Often, the visits are sexual attacks but then there are stories about succubi seducing or even helping the men they visit. Women are visited by incubus.

    Feeling like a cat on the bed…. I read somewhere that people used to not let cats sleep with their children at night because cat’s would suck the life out of them. Or maybe it was a Twighlight Zone episode. Cats creep me out.

    It’s interesting that you could wiggle. The succubus thing is usually accompanied by the sensation of feeling like you can’t move. Medical folks call it sleep paralysis. People who’ve been abducted by aliens report the same experience – pressure on chest keeping them pinned to the bed, feeling a presence, unable to move.

    It could have been a visit. If you asked for communication and didn’t receive it, look at the rest of your dreams last night and in the next few days. Also, pay attention to signs and symbols while awake.

    It’s also possible that it wasn’t a visitation. Perhaps the weight on your chest was representative of some kind of weight you feel emotionally…some kind of heaviness about something happening in your life? Perhaps even anxiety…a weight or pressure you feel?

    Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings for the next few days. Ask for some clarity. Keep all three of your eyes open!

    I used to have sleep paralysis when I was a kid and several times felt there was a presence of some kind when it happened. Haven’t had it in years.

  2. I agree in part with the young lady above. Folklore has it that cats are not to be allowed near young chhildren as they will indeed suck the breath from the baby. They aklso creep me out. They are not my favorite animal.
    I would like she suggested that you pay attention to your dreams and in particular to your environment, to the people coming and going, the things that they say and do. Just be aware. You don’t really have to react other than to be an observer.
    Don’t know about the weight on her chest. Maybe this is to get your attention to something that you are not paying attention to. For you to wiggle it off x2 and it came back each time.Something you need to pay attention to.
    This could also be something in regards to friends, and family near and far.
    My dreams are premonitions.. (they always come true)they don’t scare me but scare the people or person that I share them with so I don’t share. Sorry I can’t offer more…Momme

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