your flesh vehicle

We all are in a temporary state.

We all are going to live, then die. There is nothing that can change that.

We all get to operate our very own flesh vehicle for that temporary amount of time.

What you choose to do with your vehicle is up to you. You may choose to fuel it with healthy foods and supplements, or you may decide to destroy it with harmful drugs and chemicals.

You can use your vehicle to pilot you through an amazing life of love and creativity, or you can pilot yourself through pain, suffering, and hardship.

What is the best way to operate this vehicle you might ask?

Answering that question is difficult because we all want to achieve different things in our lives. We all don’t want the same thing, but at the same time, WE ARE THE SAME THING.

We are all in the same race with one similar goal, evolution.

Our goal is to reproduce, and teach our offspring all the lessons we have learned through our lives.

As you already know, there are many parents in this world who aren’t teaching their children how to evolve. They aren’t evolving either. They are stuck in a rut of negativity and project that negativity onto those they come in contact with, especially their children.

These are the type of people that need to have their ego obliterated right in front of their face.

These are the people who could really use some meditation.

There are too many people in this world who have not tuned into what the main goal of our whole race is.

They are the cancer to our whole race.

They are the ones who try to bring us down.

They are the ones that will die first.

Survival of the fittest.

We have gone through a terrible phase as a race throughout the last few hundred years.

Things are about to change.

Positive thinking is taking the lead.

Stay tuned because come December 21st, 2012, things will be a little different. I don’t know exactly how or if there will be some sort of “event” but I can tell you this, the earth is evolving. We are part of the earth, so we are evolving with it at the same time.

My prediction is that at the end of 2012, as a majority, we will tune into a higher consciousness. A higher awareness of our true identity and goals as a race. Everything that has happened in the past will be old news, and we will move on. We will move on to something we all truly deserve. A peaceful and loving world free of negativity and full of positive people working to make this spaceship we call home a wonderful place to live out our temporary states.

Enjoy your flesh vehicle! 🙂

thx dp


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