impossible love

A cactus falls in love with a pretty balloon.  

But they could never touch, or else the balloon would die.

They were so in love that they decided that dying with the knowledge of holding someone you love is better than dying without the feeling of ever holding the one you love. So they hugged and the balloon died 😥 The cactus felt like it was all his fault and blamed himself for not doing a better job of protecting the balloon.

Then one night, the balloon’s ghost comes to him in a dream saying “You’ve given me the greatest gift in the word. You’ve shown me that it’s possible for someone to sacrifice who or what they love just to make their loved one happy. You were selfless and I love you.” The cactus woke up and cried. His tears left his dry body and the cactus withered away in the desert sun.

The cactus and the balloon met in heaven where they could hug and cuddle.

Their love proved that two can overcome anything with the power of love. :’)

thank you z!

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