2 categories of religion

The first is for example Judeo-Christian type religions where the purpose of these religions are to have a relationship with the divine. This means usually that God is an external separate parent like entity. Most people understand this concept very well. This is the predominant belief among western/European civilizations. In this scenario God is very separate from his creation. God and his creation are irreconcilable.

The second is for example Hinduism, Buddhism, various tribal religions, Gnosticism, Egyptian religion at its core and various others. The purpose of these religions was to establish an identity with the divine. Let me explain this concept a little because most people don’t understand this. In this belief system the entire universe and everything within it, is divine ie.God. God is NOT a separate entity. God IS everything literally. This is known as pantheism. The purpose of these religions was that through life’s journeys and lessons you would become aware of the illusion of separation and come to know and understand your own divinity and experience mystical union with all that is! The purpose is to gain awareness, sentience, knowledge, experience, of the true nature of the universe which is unconditional love. To see past the illusion to see how truly great all of creation and existence truly is. How lovely it is, how intricate, indescribable, and beyond words. Astounding.

In Hinduism for example their books/scriptures have always been regarded as mythological and not as actual fact. Take the Egyptian religion for example what we term ‘Gods’ in their religions are more appropriately known to them as symbolic/mythological/archetypal representations of different aspects of the divine! This is crucial in understanding their type of philosophy and ideology. Ultimately the ancients knew everything was one and everything was God, they just had symbolic representations of the different aspects of the divine such as the divine aspect of fire, earth, air and water which were also sometimes given ‘God’ like names. They were never meant to be viewed as actual real separate God entities, they way we view God in the Judeo-Christian religion!!

The ancients mythologies were archetypal representations of man’s journey through life which contained various aspects of the divine. These helped individuals understand various governing principles of the universe and contained moral lessons, spiritual advice and so on. Now over the years, kings and rulers have often twisted these ancient religions so that what was considered different aspects of the divine was turned into actual separate God entities. Through this, kings and ruler stripped away the knowledge of everyone’s divinity and made themselves God so they could accumulate more power and money. So in this regard often these beautiful ancient religions have often been twisted to the greed of certain men and lost their original meaning!


2 thoughts on “2 categories of religion

  1. Well written article. One point needs clarification. Buddhism does not have a God condition as you explain. The connection to everything as you put it does not portend an omnipotent being as in most religions. Perhaps if you ellucidate upon this the confusion can be clarified.

    It might surprise your readers to hear that on can be an atheist AND a Buddhist. The reason for this is God and the Dharma, teachings of Buddha, are none overlapping magesteria

    • indeed you are right, buddhism does not have a god condition and in hasty typing didn’t mean to imply such. perhaps, i’ll do a follow up to this post later….

      funny you say that! i was having a conversation some time ago with an atheist, expelling to him that in fact could be a buddhist. i simply tried to explain to him that anyone can be a buddha – buddhism is a way of life, not a religion.

      loooove your energy and as always look forward to your input!

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