“A man who fears suffering, is already suffering from what he fears.”

Michel de Montaigne wrote of his condition tha...

~Michel de Montaigne

Suffering, the mere word puts us on edge.  It is definitely not a state of being that we care to experience, yet it is necessary in order to elevate our consciousness and bring life changing wisdom to our psyche.  While we cannot hope to escape suffering all together, many of us put ourselves in a perpetual state of suffering simply by actions we choose.  We voluntarily suffer on a regular even daily basis because of key factors that go unexamined in our lives.  As you might suspect, these factors are unreasonable and can absolutely be controlled if not eliminated.

There are 5 reasons why we suffer.

The first is not knowing who you are.  If you have not taken time to examine what you hold dear, what you value, what you love and what your dreams are, you will not have any idea of where you stand in life.  What drives you, what excites you, how can you be of service to others, these are the defining principals of who you are.

Second reason is clinging to what is not permanent, transient things.  Material things, momentary fun, good times, these are simply elements in life to help bring a measure of pleasure.  When you use these things as a manner of feeling fulfilled, you run into trouble.  They are passing elements that have no permanence and no ability to instill true happiness. Happiness comes from within, not without.

Third, fear of what is not permanent.  Change, such a frightening concept for us.  Some of us live in fear that what we have or are experiencing will change.  We dread continuance, we feel apprehension because we have to “start over”.  The funny thing is we even feel that way if the situation is not a good one.  Just the idea of change is frightening even if it is for the best.  Change is a necessary part of life.  Learning to embrace it as a way to continue hope, learn new things and afford ourselves new opportunities that will in turn enhance our lives is and should be a desired position.  What does not change and stays the same will eventually die.

Fourth reason we suffer is because of our ego.  Many of us do not realize that most of what we believe and cling to is because of our ego. Ego is so destructive because its sole reason for being is to feed itself, hence it makes you cling onto things, whether good or bad so it can feel in control.  EGO DOES NOT RATIONALIZE!  It is my own personal opinion that ego is what most refer to as the devil.  That voice that tells you to act with no thought of others but yourself.  When you act on ego, it is so me centered that it leaves you feeling empty and even guilty especially if you have a higher knowledge.  Ego excludes, it never includes.

Finally, there is the fear of death.  This fear can be a preoccupation for a lot of people.  I recently had a couple of deaths of very close family members that shook me to the core.  What I realized is I was not so much upset that the person was not her as I was at what was left undone and the children and loved ones they left behind.  Death is a part of life and frankly because there is death is precisely why life is so precious and such an amazing gift.  Fearing the inevitable is truly a waste, but seizing every moment to make the precious memories with the ones we love is the cure.  They always live in our hearts and the love we have for them NEVER dies!  Because of that they live on.

If any of these fit you, its time to work on a resolution.  2012 holds so much promise mainly of success and happiness.  As we know happiness is something you feel within and must seek within, so it stands to reason if you are able to tackle what ever your fear is, you will unlock the door to your happiest being ever!

great fodder ldl!


8 thoughts on “suffering…

  1. This was one of my most read post. It showed me that so many of us are really suffering. Thanks for sharing this on your blog Dimitri, I am hopping many more can get some peace from reading it. Life is for living, lets give ourselves every chance.

  2. Excellent. My only addition would be think about the judgment of suffering and loss.

    If I am present without thought or judgment, the situation labelled suffering would be endured in that moment then we would be on to the next, intact, no baggage.

    Whatever is happening to me, my ego is impermanent and will change soon.

    I agree with the go part.

    have you read Buddhas Brain by Rick Hanson? He details how we construct the ego from past memories woven into a story we identify with. letting go is the way not overcoming. Nice post.


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