questions from the heart…

“what is love?” asked the Heart.

How do you know when you feel it? What does it feel like when you have it? How do you treat it, care for it, live it?

Do you try to understand it? or do you just let it grow, inside, outside and all around you? How do you let it show? How do you share it with others? How do you share it with yourself?

How do you allow it to be?

What does it feel like when you touch it? What does it taste like when you taste it? What does it look like when you see it? What does it sound like when you hear it or when it speaks to you? When it pokes in to say hello?  When it smiles in delight?

Are there different forms of love?

Can you name these forms? Should you name them? Do you want to name them? Does love belong in boxes? Can it be described in words?

How does it feel to lose love? or to realize you had it when it’s too late? How does it feel to say goodbye?

Who are you when you’re in love? How are you when you’re in a state of love? Are you able to break all boundaries? Do you see every beauty the world has to offer? Do you do things you thought you would or could or should never do? Do you let go of anything and everything holding you back?

Are you free?

Are you yourself? Are you better, are you worse? Or are you just there, in divine light and presence. Where are you? Who are you? Does space or time exist?

Is love infinite?

“What is love? “asked the Heart.

thank you tg


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