we are certainly uncertain

There are times in life we feel uncertain. Our minds are clouded with worry. Anxiety gnaws at our stomachs and weighs us down. Every

The Age of Uncertainty

moment is spent wondering what is going to happen next. There is no joy in the present moment. It’s all we can do to lift one foot in front of the other. We function on auto pilot, not giving much thought or consideration to our actions.

This kind of worry is unnecessary. It is a waste of our time and energy. Life is, has been, and always will be uncertain, and that is all there is to it. Though we take precautions and make wise decisions, there are things out of our control. We can do every single thing right on our end and the results are not what we want or even expect. We don’t have the ability to see the big picture. This is why we must have faith. We must trust that all will be well in the long run.

The first thing we must do is let go of expectations. Life will not always flow according to our plans. When we stop calculating our own moves and anticipating the moves of others, we are free to live now and allow life to unfold without unreasonable concern for ourselves.

Often we think our decisions are precise and are sure of the outcome only to be wrong. Doubt takes over and we second guess our own actions, motives, and desires. Our hearts can be in the right place and things still not turn out to what we consider our benefit. Sometimes it’s simply a life lesson.

Unfortunately, we don’t always get to pick what we want to study in the school of life. Sometimes the subject picks us. Even when this happens to us, nervousness will not help us get through it. While relinquishing control of the situation at hand does calm our uncertainty, it doesn’t make us any surer of the outcome. The act of letting go will comfort our hearts and ease our minds…thus we are assured we will be fine.

We need to learn to live our lives with a certain amount of uncertainty or at least without expectation and be open to what comes our way. There will always be junctions on the road of life. One way might be shorter and appear more rewarding; however the other might be the scenic route with options you’d never considered. Uncertainty might just send you down an unknown and ultimately gratifying road of life.

If life were lived neatly following an outline, it would take away the freedom of choice, the possibility of opportunity, and the adventure of the unknown. Uncertainty will always remain; but freedom, opportunity, and adventure lead us moment by moment into the future. One could say the certainty of uncertainty fuels the fires of life.

thx suzi


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