addicted to denial…

Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt

~Mark Twain

Life is harsh, you know this first hand. Disappointment after disappointment starts to tear us down. In no time we start to breed doubt. Doubt becomes our constant companion. We cloak ourselves with it. Use it to shield against the hard times the pain. What we don’t realize is we are cultivating our doubt into something so much more.

Rather than face the hard work of changing our mindset and having faith we just employ doubt. Rather than staying the course of believing that every thing that happens is for a reason and we can change our course simply by changing our views, we doubt. Rather than viewing a disappointment as an opportunity to learn more about ourselves, and using it as a vehicle for growth, we doubt.

Now our doubt firmly in place, we start to indulge in it, treasure it, in fact we actually cherish it. It is in fact our amour. At this point our doubt has become denial!

Denial is so destructive because it allows us to become numb to the difficulties in our lives and we are indifferent to the trials. We build huge mental walls to block pain out of our lives. Slowly we rob ourselves of life and we are now only existing. Going along with the day praying not another thing goes wrong, and when it does we spiral. Some of us employ behavior that is destructive and some of us just drop out of life till we can drop back in. Either way this wreaks havoc on our productive and mental lives. We are unable to get anything accomplished. Dreams are perpetually put on hold, visions are deferred and plans are never fully executed.

If in life you want something dearly then you should have it. Life has not excluded you from it. You have! You have because you focus on the obstacles and not the goal. You believe that everything, everyone and every situation is just waiting to get you. You tuck this nicely in the back of your mind. This is your denial cloak. You will quickly pick it up and wear it the moment something negative happens and you refuse to give it up, denying that you will ever get what you want. It just won’t happen. You are now subliminally on the defensive. If you are honest with yourself, you will realize that your denial is trying to tell you something bigger about yourself. Something that is the key to unlocking key information about yourself. Investigate it, analyze it, let it lead you to the truth. Let it lead you to your truth! Take your coat off a sit a spell!!

thnx LDL


8 thoughts on “addicted to denial…

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  3. So good… Some of us wallow in that disappointment because its the one thing we can count on… To get get hopes up and then fail is more than some can handle.

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