20/20 sight, zero visibility!

Knowledge is love and light and vision.

~Helen Keller

Today, more than ever we need vision. Looking with your mind’s eye has always been revered as a tool for the creative type. Now we know that to survive in this new world environment we must stop looking and we have to start seeing and yes be creative. Just looking today gets you nowhere cause the visibility is zero at best.

Just because you cannot see, does not mean you have no vision. When vision exists within you, you may traverse the world without a map. Vision understands that any given problem has a multitude of solutions spread out just waiting for a connection to be made. Vision understands that connections does not necessarily mean fit and vision understands we must keep trying. Vision never goes blind and vision does not depend on sight.

Stretch your vision daily! How can you do this? Remember vision will become clearer day by day if you learn to look within your heart. Those who look elsewhere, dream, but those who look within AWAKE!!

thanks for the inspiration LDL


3 thoughts on “20/20 sight, zero visibility!

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