natural disasters and love

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The life of Symbolism is one we often dismiss not realizing how our literal physical lives are based on this shadow life we live simultaneous to this one. When it comes to natural disasters, fire, floods, tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanos, droughts, famine, etc., we’ve been missing their message to us as people of planet Earth.

If you lose someone(s) you love in a natural disaster, you’ve lost an emotional and physical connection to the life that is no longer there. Natural Disasters bring about new birth. A major transformation that takes place after Natural Disasters is that people from divergent backgrounds, religions and trains of thought come together for the purpose of survival. The capitalist, the communist, the Budhist, the Christian, Atheist, rich, poor, smart and not so smart come together for survival. Reflecting on one’s losses after such a disaster becomes one of symbolic understanding. And through the realization of what’s loss, we begin to build again with those lessons in mind.

There becomes an understanding that in order to get through this event it’s necessary to put ALL THE UNIMPORTANT THINGS ASIDE AND DEAL WITH WHAT IS! That’s also the lesson we’re to learn about living together, in general without disasters. We all come to the table with divergent ideas and thoughts, but we’re never to lose the purpose for which we’ve come to the table – mutual survival!

This example is repeating itself in different forms around the world, but it doesn’t appear that we truly learn the lessons of these disasters. LIFE calls for a certain freedom or free will, and humans do their best to take that freedom away, rather than following a `live, and let live’ ideology. When you respect freedom or free will, do it my way has no place in the process except as an example. Religion, governments, and those who wish to control resources (for profit) insist on doing things according to a method that rewards the status quo. Natural Disasters tell us it’s time to start anew, and also question whether we’ve learned the lessons of not communicating and not working as one. Tear it down, start over, again!

When we disregard how the Universe operates in its use of the Spiritual Laws of Love, and Sowing and Reaping, we do so at a serious disadvantage to those who understand these forces. The energy you put out returns to you bigger and stronger – it doesn’t matter who you are. Treating people the way you wish to be treated is a form of security in allowing the forces of the Universe to work in your favor.

thx captain!


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