be IN love with NOW

Can you allow this moment to be as it actually is? To unfold with every breath. To experience this unfolding as though you are living in the unknown. Can you love the unknown? Without trying to figure it out, understand why this is happening, or even deny it.  Can you simply be in love with now? Fully accept the actuality as it is.

Be in love with now, as it is…


7 thoughts on “be IN love with NOW

  1. Beautiful, Dimitri. The unknown can make us so fearful. And yet, it’s the unknown that always leads us to new levels of spiritual growth. Now is the only moment that truly matters. Thank you so much for spreading positive and life affirming messages of truth. Live joy.

    Oshun Zari

  2. I am in love with now because now has no equal. Before has happened and Next is an unknown future NOW treasure!

    Thanks for the reminder! Love your insight and thanks for following because I have NOW discovered your writings to enjoy in my future NOWS 🙂

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