o <– just a circle. reality?

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o <— Is a circlejust a circle, or could it be the letter ‘o’ or the number zero? The circle itself does not

have any inherent unique meaning. Instead, whatever response is produced, that response is the ultimate meaning of any sequence of some percerving followed by some response.

Perception is experience. Experiencing is perceiving.  We respond to our perceptions. Different responses arise from different perceptions.  Perceptions are subjective. Distinct ways of perceiving result in distinct perceptions.

Many perceivers can all witness a single event and yet all of them may perceive something slightly different. Each one will have different sensory capacities as well as different positions spatially. Each of them will relate to the event differently. Perception is relational. Perception is relative.

Perception is not external. Perception is a relationship between external developments and internal capacities for sensing and then the interpreting or organizing of sensations in to perceptions.

We do not perceive external events.

We only perceive our internal, interpretative relationship to external events.

We do not respond to external events.

We only respond to our perceptions of internal, interpretative relationship to external events.
Perception is relational.

Prior to perception, interpretation is relational. Prior to interpretation, sensation is relational.
We are the capacity for attention. Attention is perception. Attention is relational. We are the capacity to relate.
Language is relational. We are the capacity to identify with or relate to through formations in language.

The capacity for language is the culmination of perception. Prior to the development of the capacity for language in an organism, there is only reflexive reacting, not responding. Language allows for the creation of symbolic meaning and for responding to symbolic meanings.

Further, once there is attention to the process of the creation of relationships of symbolic meaning (the process of interpreting), then conscious perception shifts attention from reflexive reactivity to responsive relating to relational interpretation and finally to the creation of varying responses through the informing of interpretation. In other words, attention shifts to the creating of perception and the creating of responses to distinct perceptions.

The mechanism by which we inform interpretation (and perception etc) includes language. The attention to language is the attention to the creating of interpretations, perceptions, and responses.

Historically, the focusing of attention toward the role of language in the process of creating interpretation perception, and response was part of the field of spirituality. Religious terminology like sin or corruption may simply refer to an erroneous or limited understanding of the process of interpretation and perception. However, many who use that terminology may not directly recognize the simplicity of the teachings,


5 thoughts on “o <– just a circle. reality?

  1. Great post, so very true. I read a book that I found really interesting and deals much with the concept of perception. If you’re interested it’s called “The Book of Not Knowing” by Peter Ralston.

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