the “ism”

Designed to promote democracy versus communism, and free enterprise (capitalism) over communism’s totalitarian governments then in vogue in the Eastern Bloc, this film was targeted to young college students who did not have the opportunity to fight for freedom in World War II.

And capitalism isn’t an ism? I thought it rather amusing that for all the (yes) propaganda, in the long run, many of the things associated with ISM came about at a result of our political and economic policies anyway… in many cases, brought about by the Right rather than the (implied ism- promoting) Left.

One ism for another?! Until we abandon this counterintuitive and archaic method of human interaction and “governance” we will stay in state of conscious pause.


8 thoughts on “the “ism”

  1. ugh…it’s so crazy to look at things like this and realize how far we’ve stayed in thought and action. This wasn’t even prophecy, this was current phobia (back then). We’ve advanced in other ways, but it almost seems that as a whole, we’ve digressed. Or maybe just as a nation? It’s so important to be politically active and yet politics play dirty…

    • i know right! the good thing is that our collective conscious is slowly awakening. some of us don’t know why or what, but we feel something. and of course the majority are still completely submerged in greed.

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