‘Heed the lesson of the rain drop’

English: A drop of water Dansk: En vanddråbe

an elderly squaw once told me,
‘it follows the humble path,
and doesn’t fight gravity…

yet it always gains momentum,
flowing with the greatest strength,
stronger than even the rocks,
yet still, below all other things…

Water leaves it’s mark on canyons,
and we seek it out to survive,
Water has a system it follows,
and it will come & go with the tide,

Heed a lesson from the water,
be humble as you set out again.
Don’t fight the ways of nature,
& don’t fear the mighty mountain…

Find a method that you can follow,
and gain strength from those around.
If you can learn to be like water,
then you shall make your people proud.’

from the creek to the river
from the river to the lake
even the tide in the ocean,
water is wise in it’s way…

Thanks unwritten truth!


7 thoughts on “water

  1. I’m honored you chose to republish this. one of my favorite ones i’ve written, because i think there’s so much truth to it. Thanks for giving me credit at the end, & once again, i’m so very flattered! thank you.

  2. Hiya! Great blog! I happen to be a every day visitor to your website (somewhat much more like addict ) of this web site. Just wanted to say I appreciate your blogs and am searching forward for much more to come! 894486

  3. So, i’ve been looking around your blog, & i’m really impressed. You have compiled a site i could get lost in for hours. (i just spent a good amount of time looking through it! i especially enjoy the ones about relationships/attraction/listening all those things. they are really interesting & it’s cool to have it all in one place! thanks for putting this together!

    http://unwrittentruth.wordpress.com/2011/12/21/wisdom-of-the-water/. (just realized the above is not a link)…

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