occupy yourself!

The Source Field Investigations by David Wilcox is a very well thought out work that has some pretty controversial and cutting edge science in it that at the end of the day has some tones of truth that upon reflection seem almost obvious if you take the time to notice it.

It took the author over 30 years of research to make his information that clear cut and obvious to the lay person. The hard work involved with this book really shows.

I can say that David is taking what I’ve read in other places as philosophy and giving it the hard science to back it up, complete with references that are checkable. He takes the mystical and makes it concrete in a way that I have not seen done, comparable only to Lynne McTaggart’s The Field, as a book I’d hand to an inquiring atheist or agnostic to get them to consider a wider world.

I especially like revelations in conscious science being released from Russian scientists who have been studying the subject for decades behind the iron curtain and can only recently talk about their findings publicly.

What did they find? The answer to that may be the very answer to living a purposeful life itself. In a nutshell, watch the video above.

This new video is David’s philosophy from his own point of view shown in a very matter of fact way, and takes what could be hours and hours of information and condensing it into 20 minutes that could wake even the walking dead.


One thought on “occupy yourself!

  1. I think the purpose of life should be Love (Unconditional Love).
    Love God even though God is silent to you.
    Love People even though People are silent to you.
    Such unconditional love will save your soul in future.

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