8th Insight!

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The 8th insight is a whole new ethic governing the way humans should treat each other to facilitate everyone’s evolution. All the answers that mysteriously come to us, come from other people ie: even the manuscript was written by a person. But not all the people you meet will have the energy or the clarity to reveal the message they have for you. You must help them by a) sending them energy.

The 8th insight describes how to project energy and teaches us how to interact consciously. How we approach other people determines how quickly we evolve, how quickly our life questions are answered. Whenever people cross our paths, there is always a message for us. Chance encounters do not exist. The manuscript predicts once humans grasp this reality, our interaction will slow down, and become more purposeful and deliberate.

Spontaneous eye contact or a sense of recognition are definite signs you should talk to a person. They are often members of your thought group, evolving along the same lines of interest with the same expression and outward experience. We intuitively recognize members of our thought group and very often they provide messages for us.

When you appreciate the demeanor and inner beauty of a person, you can then send them energy, lifting them up. We need to keep our own energy high, then we can start the flow of energy coming through us, and into the other person. If the person is already operating in a control drama, as long as we do not assume the matching drama, their behavior will fall apart. Be truthful about what is going on in the conversation and they should respond by being more honest and cooperative. If they can feel energy coming in anyway, then it’s easier for them to give up their manipulating for it. The more energy we give, the more we receive.

During a group conversation, only one person can have the strongest idea at a time. If they are alert, members can sense who’s turn it is to speak and can focus their energy upon this person helping them be more articulate. This is a conscious conversation. It is as if the group is just one body, but one with many heads. Each individual knows when to talk and what to say because he or she truly sees life more clearly.

The 8th insight also instructs b) how to treat children and warns against your growth being stopped through c) becoming addicted to another person. One adult can only focus on and give attention to one child at a time. The learned manipulations on the child’s part can be avoided if the adult gives them all the energy they require i.e. unconditional love. They should always be involved in conversations and the truth can always be expressed at a child’s level of understanding. Worse are the distortions created by adults on the spur of the moment because they believe the truth is too complicated for the child to comprehend.

The mystical energy we can absorb as an inner source is both male and female. Usually, identifying with and integrating the energy of the same-sexed parent is accomplished easily but receiving energy from the other can be more difficult. If we connect prematurely with a human source for our opposite sex energy without learning to access it ourselves, we block the universal supply.

When a man and a woman fall in love, they are giving each other energy unconsciously but once they expect this feeling to come from the other person, they disregard the energy in the universe. They become dependent, then the energy runs out, they stop giving energy and are reduced to competing using their control drama. The bliss and euphoria of love turns into a power struggle.

Being in love feels like the wholeness that a full connection with the universe produces and both want to control this whole person. Perhaps in the past, one of the partners was willing to submit themselves to the other – usually the woman, sometimes the man. Not anymore though. We can still have romance but we have to learn to complete the circle on our own, stabilize our channel with the universe.

This involves experiencing the sense of well-being and euphoria at the beginning of a co-dependent relationship when alone. We also have to resist love at first sight and learn to have platonic relationships with members of the opposite sex, which removes fantasy about the gender. Afterwards, we can have what the manuscript calls a higher relationship. Connecting romantically with another whole person never pulls us from the path of our individual evolution.


8 thoughts on “8th Insight!

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    • Excellent post. Codependency is rampant in our culture politically, economically, socially, psychologically, religiously. To become a free thinker one must step back from culture and just watch and listen to understand what is going on. Culture is not your friend.

  2. “One adult can only focus on and give attention to one child at a time. The learned manipulations on the child’s part can be avoided if the adult gives them all the energy they require i.e. unconditional love. ”

    This part, among many other pieces of wisdom from this post, stuck out to me. I’m not sure what this really looks and am curious about what it means to give one child attention at a time. Does this mean that having babies too close together is damaging? Does this mean that if one child is getting attention the other should receive attention elsewhere? Does this mean one should be able to spilt him/herself in two in order to be present with the child? Is this why our education system is flawed, and why our children are growing up confused and craving attention in negative ways?

    • Great questions!

      When I initially read that, I disagreed with the statement but decided to think about it again from another realm of thought. I deduced that focus and attention can be isolated to one child at a time if we act within the “moment of now”. In essence, you can have 2, 5, or 10 children all at the same time and still provide each one of them a unique and exclusive experience. I’m sure it takes a higher synthesis of consciousness and awareness to do so, but it can be done and done well.

      I think most of starts with the simplest of things like when a child walks in you face them and allow them to light your face up with their light and energy. Often we as adults, dither and muddle our child’s energy b/c of how we feel – the child feels this and will internalize and metabolize this into something less favorable…

      • Interesting take!

        I guess for me, now that I think about humans (like Elephants, Whales, or Zebras), we have longer gestation periods, and typically produce one offspring at a time. Our children take longer to mature than, say, dogs, and we stay with our offspring longer than a mother turtle, for example, who can lay hundreds of eggs only to leave them before they hatch. Maybe (in fact, I know) this is intentional by design, and we should spend more time giving our children undivided attention, and not overproducing just because we can. The fact that the world is overpopulated definitely correlates with the chaos taking place in our communities, families, and our minds.

        I certainly agree with what you mention about the simple things we can do to give our children the attention, love, and affection they deserve and need. And it is so sad to see how negative energy transfers and decays a child’s spirit before they even have the strength to grow their own.

        It’s a lot to think about, and certainly shouldn’t be taken lightly…

        • 🙂

          Yes we as humans gestate much longer than most animals. I think the intention in design lies within the allowance in us having willful spirits.

          How can we pour only goodness into the next generational vibration – our children?

  3. I agree,

    but isn’t it also best to do so at a rate that is both sustainable and responsible? If we were only living off the land, and there were an abundance of natural resources, no monopolies, or capitalism, and wealth was distributed relatively evenly, disease not rampant, etc. etc. But that’s not reality. Reality is that there are so many children dying of starvation, malnutrition, disease, war, violence, drugs, alcoholism, poverty, confusion, disillusion, homelessness, and why? Because we procreate faster than we calculate (our actions, consequences)!

    So willful spirits are a gift, but we have to use them in combination with a sound, responsible mind. And your ancestors said it best:

    “In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations.” -From the Great Law of the Iroquois Confederacy

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