My hands…

So today I drifted into shop called “7 Stones”.  This shop sells, Native American accessories, East Indian incense, Tibetan mementos and other spiritual knick knacks.

Anyway, as I searched for an aromatic tone that pleased my nose, I asked one of the owners, Ms. Jubilee (an older woman), for her take on some of the aromas.  During mid-sentence she kindly interrupted me to tell me that my hands were very beautiful.  I felt myself blush and felt sincerely appreciated.  Not only did she notice “me” but she noticed and observed a part of me rarely spoken to.  My beloved Ace is the only other woman that has ever referenced and commented on my hands (Thank you m sweet Ace).

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I write on this as an afterthought to how important loving communication is.  We often swim through life overlooking the simple things, and not saying the “good” things enough.  If you love someone, tell them you do, tell them how much, tell them what you love and keep doing so as long as you love them.  To date, personally being told such things has been cast as a rarity.  I wonder if I never told this one and that one I was thinking of them, if they’d ever tell me.  I wonder if I never told them they are beautiful if they’d tell me…  Do you lovingly communicate to your special person enough?

Everyone needs to be reminded of their beauty – thank you Jubilee.  Older women are the bomb – the young ones have much to learn on appreciating their man!


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