Love is not a promise, it is an emotion and experience.

Go For It by Guy Portelli

Image by SteveR- via Flickr

Love is not a promise, it is an emotion and experience.

Quite often we’ve misconstrued love as some binding contract, set of implied parameters or guide for the loveless.  I say more than often that love doesn’t fit the stupid boxes, bags and sacks we keep trying to put it in.  Love is omni directional, ambient and boundless however, we confine it to male and female, between 18-35, only two people, same race etc… <—but why?!  Why set limits and conditions on love?  Why impose a throttle and skim it down to an unworkable energy we eventually blame for our dismay?  What, we can only love certain people if certain self serving conditions are met?  <– how whack.  “I’ll love you BUT, you can’t love anyone else, you have to love me this way and that way, oh and by the way, my unwritten expectations are X…”

I don’t get it.  If we make love too small it will not work!  We’ll always feel disappointed, upset, blah blah and mad at “love” and the person used as its medium – we’ll be mad at everyone except ourselves for trying to make love so damn small.  Love has to be big enough to blanket the soul NOT the body.  We cut and trim love to fit our physical needs (dates, cuddling, sex, etc) thus leaving our soul uncovered.  If you cannot cover you own soul in love, how can you share such love with another?  We MUST leave love alone – let it be big and and it be shared as IT sees fit.

Within my firsthand observations, pride and ego are the biggest enemies to love.  “How come you don’t like this person?”  “I don’t know, I just don’t” or “Because X and X”…  In my quest to become buddha-like and reach a state of zen, I find these responses juvenile and overtly simple.  Pride and ego are the very exterior manifestations of your being.  When you cut them all away, none of the rules, laws, and crap pride and ego commanded, matter nor will they lead you to true happiness.  Pride and ego are the souls jail, the cage of a bird and a stable to the wild horse.  Love does not impose, allow or make such limits – it transcends death, walls, time, space, color, religion, gender and even the number of people involved in a given aura of love.

We tend to blame love on why we can or cannot do things or accept people when infact it’s our pride and ego that imposes such limitations.  Love is the “freeing” agent of the soul.  This is where the weight of responsibility needs to be picked up by us.  We have full control over ourselves, our responses, our interactions and our thoughts – so why keep blaming other people for our disposition towards a situation or person?  <– does that make any sense?  We continually act like love is a promise.  Um no, love is a emotion and experience – thats ALL.  We are all able and capable of loving in infinite ways – so again, why the hell do we harp on how we are NOT being loved opposed to how we ARE loved or better, how we can love others unconditionally?

If we are going to get mad, lets get mad at ourselves for trying to smash love into a tiny box.  Lets get mad at ourselves for  placing limits and conditions on love.  Lets get mad for mistaking love for a promise instead of a emotion and experience.  And after all of that, the next step is to stop being mad and sort yourself out on loving self and others better.  Uninhibited, no conditions, and freely.

It’s funny, b/c if we sat back and asked ourselves “why” we limited love this way or that way, or, how come we don’t allow ourselves to love x person or situation – we’d many of our “reasons” are simple excuses and limits created by pride and ego, not love itself.  We fight so hard and want boundless acceptance when it comes to loving us but yet we do not provide the same outwardly…interesting  *** scratches chin***

I know that many, many situations could be much improved if we loved oursevels and others instead of letting pride and ego run the show.  We all have to get over ourselves.  Once we do, true happiness will set in – whew!  How freeing!

Got lots of work, so sorry for any errors 🙂

~Dimitri Seneca Snowden


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