One cell- f

People understand that the Ocean contains many drops. Less understood is the concept that a single drop also contains the Ocean.

Gaping holes separate religion, spirituality, philosophy and science, mostly caused by the use of paradigm specific words and language.

Through the use of Plain English, Common Sense and a bit of symbolism, hopefully these pages may help to conceptually fill in some of these gaps. Some have been hard to write and will keep evolving.

Spirituality, Enlightenment and the Transpersonal

A single drop of rain falls on a piece of glass.

Is that drop of rain, essentially, any different to one snowflake on a glacier .. or to a drop taken out of the trickle running along a bush track .. or the creek into which it flows on its way to the river .. on its way to the ocean .. on its way to the clouds to fall once more as a drop of rain ..? This is one form of Homeostasis.

Imagine your sentient human body where every cell is fully sentient, the embodiment of consciousness back to what we term Genesis

Imagine your human body where every cell is sentient – fully conscious of its role and relationship as part of the whole human body and functions in complete peace and harmony according to the requirements body part it is part of.

Imagine, if your own DNA carrying this conscious awareness without aberration – that even your DNA is sentient

Imagine, if that this sentience is available to both halves of your brain simultaneously .. that your whole brain is fully in harmony with the whole of your body ..

Imagine your mind is so clear that all thoughts, conscious and unconscious, are a collective reflection of your smallest cell

Imagine that your total body is a reflection of your smallest, undifferentiated Stem Cell in its own unique expression.

Sentience is Transpersonal Awareness, the state and synthesis of elementary or undifferentiated consciousness and the faculty through which the external world is comprehended, along with a readiness and multisensory awareness to perceive sensations and be a part of the homeostatic interplay of form and consciousness – the flow of all life.

Consciousness, The Microcosm and The Macrocosm

Just as a single cell and its bidirectional interactions with both its environment and other cells in your body creats an organ as a part of the living embodiment of consciousness as your body, so does each member of your family – as his or her own individual expression ..

So the family is the larger body of the Onecell-f .. and so is the tribe, the society, the culture .. each a progressively larger cosmic cellular expression of the one cell-f, each its own Unified Field obeying the principles of the whole, yet part of an even larger field.

Ultimately, we may experience in retrospect, the Tao – the Absolute Nonduality whose principles pervade all life, seen and unseen. We cannot translate this into words except through past learning, but you may be able to understand the principles through illustrations using familiar conceptual metaphors.


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