Teaching with a Bad Accent!!!


Now THIS grinds my gears!!! How “un-American” is this? Here are a more than a few annoyances within this…

1. The Federal and State government are the ones that grant/deny and even mandate the criteria for teaching licenses. Regardless of “accent” these people obviously met and/or exceeded the criteria mandated so how is it that $40-$100k later in student debt, hundreds of credit hours, and the drive/passion to service humanity still enable the government to contend the aforementioned based on the merit of “accents”?

2. How is an ethnic accent any different than a regional one? What do you think the teachers in New York sound like versus those in Wisconsin versus those in Alabama?! So regional accents are ok but not ethnic ones ? – sounds racial to me! How many “American” born people do not have or use the “Kings” english? Better yet, how many of those people actually occupy seats on the committee that conspired this conundrum to begin with?!

3. Another sad postulation of discrimination, handled down and contradicted by the culture that made up the bloody rule to begin with. I wonder if the AZ State Superintendent was a person of color if this would even be an issue – hmmm 🙂

4. Man, the AZDoE must have plenty of time, money and such a PERFECT educational system that they can now focus on dialect and accents!

With what Texas is trying to do about what “American History” and its curriculum, what AZ is trying to do about immigration and its DoE standards, its REALLY makes you wonder what do “they” think American should be and look like. Its clear, nothing brown or with an accent!

I wish I had the time and funds to hire all of my teachers and staff from 38 different countries to help teach and show the diversification is beyond important. Maybe the next school…


One thought on “Teaching with a Bad Accent!!!

  1. You know my perspective, D….you’re either part of the problem or part of the solution. I think you need to call them on this…AZ is so messed up in their accountability process for education. But still, nothing changes if nothing is questioned! I’m not hanging you out there alone…right there with you!! Let’s do it!

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