Nike & Tiger

Wow – the use of Tigers dead fathers voice? Word?


6 thoughts on “Nike & Tiger

  1. Wow. You know what, he’s very smart. He can either run away and hide, or face it, learn from it, and still make money. He’s no dummy (might be something else), but he definitely knows what he’s doing (both him and Nike). This commercial pulls at a different emotion…

  2. @ taj, you think? I thought it was cheap and low. For one I personally think this was about Nike cashing in again, secondly, his father is dead. Why use your dead fathers voice to cast more shame upon your act to everyone?

    i dunno, it just don’t sit well with mi…

  3. While I don’t agree that it’s moral or forgives anything, I guarantee it makes MAD money (literally) and gives them something else to talk about. I don’t see anything wrong with using his father’s voice in the way that he did, but perhaps on a NIKE ad wasn’t the most sensitive route…

  4. Personally, and first, I have a problem with personal transgressions / family matters being made public for celebrities / sport figures. What right do the general public have to stand in judgment?!!? Nike / Tiger capitalizing on the media’s thrusting of the matter in to the public’s ‘living room’ was an attempt to reach the heartstrings / emotions merely to increase sales. I don’t like it!!

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