eh, not so intelligent…

I’m sure the universe is full of intelligent life. It’s just been too intelligent to come here.

-Arthur C. Clarke (1917-2008)


4 thoughts on “eh, not so intelligent…

  1. I find his statement profound in the sense that we (humans) think we are sooo smart but cannot seem to harvest energy without destroying our planet, we cannot see past the color of our skin and we are VERY destructive!

    If humans ARE the most intelligent lifeforms then I am scared for the rest of the universe!

  2. Well spoken, Mr. Snowden. If we focus solely on North America, we, alone, devalue the very system that prepares / develops today’s babies for tomorrow’s leadership to the point that education is sorely disrespected. How do you rationalize development of a funding system that dictates teachers/educators, as professionals, are among the lowest paid in the nation. What ‘intelligent’, non-knowing bureaucrats continue to fuel legislative decisions to perpetuate this thinking.? I This is just one minute example to validate your statements!!! We seriously need to step back, rethink and revamp before we self destruct!!

  3. @ Vic, thank you and agree! Further, I honestly think that the Indians, Mayan’s and the Egyptians had it all together. Its amazing how Eurocentric ideologies have basically taken over the world! I often wonder if the Indians were left to be, how different all things would be…

  4. Indeed!!! One day, before too much longer, I want to travel to OZ and spend some time amongst the Aborigine tribes. I find their cultural beliefs fascinating — their Kinship System naturally plans for familial needs and further dictates behaviors, responsibilities and relationships. It’s amazing reading! I believe I shared with you a while back an invitation to be part of a project in studying / growing their educational system. Fascinating stuff!!

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