Taze Me, I Dare You!

Kathryn Winkfein was stopped for doing 60 mph in a 45 zone in her pickup truckon a highway near Austin, Texas. After Deputy Chris Bieze finished writing the ticket, he gave it to her and asked her to sign it.


Bieze finally took Winkfein into custody and charged her with resisting arrest.
Sgt. Maj. Gary Griffin of the Travis County, Texas, Constable’s Office told NBC News that Bieze acted appropriately.

“He mitigated this event safely, effectively and efficiently. Nobody sustained any injury,” Griffin said.


5 thoughts on “Taze Me, I Dare You!

  1. Ha-larious the about face granny did after the video became public! Stand up for what is right and cry loud when you’ve been wronged, but let’s make sure your story is credible!!! Got to hope those grandbabies and great grandbabies weren’t watching!! Stellar role model that makes for!

  2. @ Vic, yea that is funny. Never the less I am VERY disappointed that police feel that all is “ok” so long as no ones sustains injury. Thats like saying I can call you any name I want and say what ever I want as long as I don’t cause “injury”. Uggg

  3. D, acknowledge!! But, at what point do ‘we’ as individuals have to assume responsibility for our actions and the relative consequences thereto? This woman, regardless of age, was given several opportunities to do what was directed. As I recall, D, from a much earlier post regarding use of violence / force by both male / female, you argued that a male could / should defend himself if a provoked by a female. A different circumstance, but a bit similar in perspective, some would argue, as a male is typically stronger and outweighs a woman. So, too, is an officer of the law stronger (speaking figuratively here with respect to tools of the job) than most individuals. Thoughts?

  4. @ Vic, Yes you r are right, I did mention that all should “defend” his/her self. Anatomically or mentally speaking, this 70 year old woman does NOT pose ANY threat to him.

    In fighting and the art of physical manipulation you learn that “Defense” is only to be used when being attacked. She never attacked him or even posed a physical threat to self or others. There are two types of physical responses available to the officer: passive defensive or aggressive defensive. His reaction was aggressive defensive.

    For example, if I block a punch and then run or move out of the way then I am passive defensive. If I block the punch, grab and then slam someone to the ground I am now aggressive defensive.

    In their own right each is appropriate. Given deductive reasoning and all of the “special” skill it takes to become a officer, its shame that he had to taze a 70 year old woman that never posed a threat to self or others AND never attacked him. I mean damn, what did she weigh like 90 lbs?

    To me letting her go and/or using non violent restraint would have been better. Tazing someone over 50 poses a great risk to the heart never restarting. Does her transgression warrant the balance of possible death in lieu of her defiance?

    This is why as a officer/leader they MUST be better at what they do~

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