Length of Shorts Determines Profession…


8 thoughts on “Length of Shorts Determines Profession…

  1. LOL, ok. So is the bottom of the drawing the the knee? I like the ultimate frisbee shorts myself. Umm, and how is eurotrash a profession?? Actually, I only recognize 3 of the 8 descriptions are professions hahaha

  2. @ Vic, the best, no but sure as hell funny!

    @ Taj, if I ever see you in “Ultimate Frisbee Shorts”, I will FaceBook that picture and you will be digitally immortalized in that horrible outfit! 🙂

  3. Ok, got ya D!!! LOL, the picture is the length of the entire leg (minus the feet:) I don’t like the Frisbee shorts so much. Maybe the skanky girl or nudist;-) hahahaha

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