Beautiful Imperfections!

“IMPERFECTION is beauty, MADNESS is genius and it’s better to be absolutely RIDICULOUS than absolutely boring.”

~Marilyn Monroe


One thought on “Beautiful Imperfections!

  1. Isn’t it the little idiosyncrasies within each of us that make us unique, special, sexy…setting us apart from the norm?!! The funny little quirks, gestures, walks, smiles, tilt of the head just a bit askew truly make us ‘us’ and define who we are. Without the ‘imperfections’ we would get lost in a sea of mediocrity and similarities, withholding from the world the smorgasbord that introduces diversity and individuality! The imperfections create the beauty within us!

    The courage and boldness to step outside our comfort zone and accept risk sets us apart — without that we are no different than anyone else. Madness creates chance, opportunity and brilliance….boring, never an attribute of someone who pushes the envelope to grow, explore and turn the page of purpose and change! All gifts we need to teach and develop within our children, providing a path to maximize their potential…

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