Street Racers? Not So Much!!

It kills me how people that like to drive fast suddenly they think they know how to “race cars” or know how to respect and handle the machine you never control but only manage. Personally its almost offensive to me being that I have been trained by the best, raced on open road and closed course and can take your car apart faster than you can blink.

Half of these people cannot even read traffic let alone drive fast through it with accuracy, speed, and caution.

Below is how a “claim” of knowing how to “race” can get you f’d up and embarrassed!!


8 thoughts on “Street Racers? Not So Much!!

  1. Those are attributes that work well together, D, LOL….”been trained by the best, raced open road and closed course, and can take your car apart faster than you can blink….that last one just makes all the difference and complements the rest!!!

    These drivers are like the Energizer Bunny — they just keep going and going…question is, how far will stupidity carry you?!! It’s actually the other drivers who should be most concerned. These fools are, typically, running on adrenalin, little fear and stupidity, and feel no pain….at least until it’s too late!!

  2. @ Vic, hehe yes the last one does make all the difference 🙂

    Yes people are stupid, I just want ” I race cars” to be said of those that truly race and not like to drive fast or think they can do it after a time or two.

  3. Excellent observations! Further, there are different skill levels required depending on the racing series (e.g. Formula 1, NASCAR, WRC, etc) From what I can see, it is all very technical and precise. You’ve got to be able to navigate various courses, conditions on the pavement, obstacles, etc. It’s more than just jumping in a Tesla or Mclaren and flooring it, Lol It’s an art, not for superficial participation by a novice.

  4. @ C, OMG, the fact that you know those car names (Tesla or Mclaren) makes me want to “race you”!!! Will you marry me?! 🙂

    Your exactly correct though, each has its on conditions. I have raced open wheel, oval, tour, drift and street. By far street and drift are my favs!!

  5. @ D I completely agree with you on this one! Sadly enough, there are still times when I’ll come to a red light and some fool in a “souped-up” Civic or other piece of garbage will stop next to me. This is usually the point where they look over at me, rev their engine a few times, and try to get me to engage them in quick drag race. There are a ton of things wrong with this – firstly, I’m sitting in a stock Mazda 3, so even if I were inclined to race, I should by all rights be burned. Secondly, what sort of child thinks that this sort of race is safe or a measurement of actual skill? It’s nothing more than some cocky jackass with a ‘race car’ and a big ego. You’d never actually see anyone who knew how to race or actually had the car for that sort of thing engaging in that sort of behavior.

    Lastly, I’ll just say that having a fast car does not qualify you as a racer. Skill is what makes it so – not the fancy equipment. This is why I don’t race – I unfortunately have never gotten a chance to do any of the training. Maybe some day…

  6. @ AJ, lol thats too funny! Of course my car is “done” up so now EVERY ass with a 2 door coupe wants to race me. Quite annoying! As you noted the equipment is only 50% of the deal, the rest is ALL skill!

    Well two things, with about 30 days and $5500, I can make your M3 smoke most things in its class! Secondly, if you want a class/course, let me know – I got you! 🙂

  7. @ D, I’ve def. been considering doing a little tuning to my car so that it can actually run like it has the potential to. Perhaps when I get a little extra coin on the side, I’ll take you up on that one. With that said, if I’m going to do that, I’ll have to take you up on your second offer. You’re going to have to show me the ropes. I’m pretty certain I understand the general idea behind what it takes, the part that is lacking is the actual practice / experience. You’ll have to show me a thing or two at some point!

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