Are These Really Toys?

I wanna know WHAT investor backed this deal!?


9 thoughts on “Are These Really Toys?

  1. Ummm…perhaps for the mute child who can’t tell you when it’s time to go? (Or go on their own?) Idk what the justification is. But yea, ummm…

  2. WTF!!!! No! How about those bad ass kids who get their rocks off spreading their own bodily excretions on restroom walls. They can now literally play with their own shit!!! Perhaps a deterrent….

  3. Apparently, the purpose of these “toys” is part joke/gag gift and part educational. You can find more of the products at The Pee and Poo brand was established in Sweden by Emma Megitt. Believe it or not, the pee and poo design was part of a project she had to complete while at the School of Design And Crafts (she has a masters degree in graphic design). Her company is currently looking for distributors in the US and Europe. Wow, I can’t imagine why people wouldn’t want to jump on this band wagon… Lol

  4. @ C, lol! I guess after second thought, its quite intuitive and I see her purpose. I don’t think she will ever get distribution in the US b/c we have a cliche about sex, and “body parts” unlike other parts of the world.

    Did you know that b/c Americans are sooo stutch about sex that Stallions (males horses) are never used in horse carriage rides? They only use Mares so no one has to look at the 3 foot penis!

  5. Wow, interesting. It is amazing how cultural norms come into play. Especially when it comes to our interpretations of things.

  6. @ C, Very much so and too the point where we prohibit the normalties of nature and life. To a degree, this is part of the fallace mind set that embodies denial!

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