W#$% Basketball League?!!!

The All-American Basketball Alliance announced earlier this week its plan to launch a whites-only basketball league. The shocking news led at least one mayor of a prospective AABA city to say he would not support the league coming to his town.

Tony McNary of WGCL, CBS’s Atlanta affiliate, sat down with league commissioner Don “Moose” Lewis to discuss his plans for the league. When asked if the league is racist, Lewis flatly responded, “No,” adding, “It’s not gonna be the street-type ball mentality. It’s going to be different.”

Charles Barkley disagrees. “It’s just blatantly racist if you look at the code words used,” the Hall of Famer said. “I don’t take it seriously, but it just lets you know there’s blatant racism out there…. It lets you know, as a black man, there are people out there who don’t like you

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6 thoughts on “W#$% Basketball League?!!!

  1. I’m not sure how to even respond to this! Of course this is racism! Who could say it isn’t. I really wish he would have just said it though, “THis league is for whites only because we can’t play basketball nearly as good as black men can.”

  2. @ Satch, yea his ideology seems “bass ackwards” The crazy thing is that he has financial backing! Honestly, this project will either exploit the misnomer that racism isn’t gone if he gets lots of support OR exploit that racism IS getter better because of lack of support.

    We will see…

  3. Well, I do not think racism is over. I’m from the deep south and I can assure you, whatever advances have been made in the north are not reciprocated by the south. Two years ago I was driving through Georgia and we stopped at a gas station. When my friend came out of the mens room he informed me that they had a condom machine that said small, medium and nigger. Seriously, you can find stuff like that all over the rural south!

  4. so this is for real. Like this fool is really serious? Snowball vs. Bro Ball?? Comparing his rationale to Soul Train and Lil Wayne concert? And a person of color can own a team, just can’t coach or play on it. And getting back to the fundamentals of Basketball?? I’m sorry, I think I just threw up in my mind… Too bad ball games were fundamentally non-white, yeah dumbass. Europeans high-jacked that idea from the Tainos and Mayans when they were conquering and pillaging Africa, the Americas and the rest of the world…. Fool

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